Hi~! My name is Kat, welcome to MISSKATV. I've been blogging since November 2011. This blog serve as my online photodiary. I also make DIY tutorials which you can view here. When I have spare time I write reviews of different beauty products which you can read here. If I'm in the mood to dress up, I share my outfits through blog post here. but my favorite part is making nail art tutorials which you can view here.

Let me share something about myself... I'm a twenty-something year old "frustrated" artist living in one of the most hospitable country in the world, Philippines. I currently work full time as a Graphic Artist and a Beauty Product Developer at Natasha Philippines. I design their makeup packaging and sometimes layout the catalog.

Maybe you're wondering why I said that I'm a frustrated artist. Well, that's a very long story and a lot of explanation. So let's just say I graduated under the Computer Science course but ended up doing what I really like... Designing.

Besides the frustration *haha*, I have always had a love for kawaii (cute) things *that explains my blog layout* and other girly things like fashion and beauty. Enjoys putting on makeup everyday and wear fashionable but comfy outfits.

TV SHOWS: The Walking Dead, Reign, Breaking Bad & Game of Thrones
COLORS: Mint, Light Pink, White & Black
MOVIES: The Hunger Games and any other horror/thriller/mystery movies you can think of. Too many to mention >.<
MAKEUP BRANDS: Revlon, NYX & Maybelline
CLOTHING BRANDS: I'm not particular with brand names, as long as it looks good on me.