Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spreading The Cost Of Christmas Shopping Using A Catalogue

The festive season is just around the corner, and although it can be a time of fun and celebration, it can also be a huge financial headache. Paying for the cost of Christmas can really mount up, with expenses for food, decorations and treats, not to mention gifts and party clothing.

If you are worried about how you are going to foot the bill for giving your family a Christmas to remember, there is no need to worry when you use shopping catalogues. Because of their handy credit account facilities, you can spread payments over several months meaning that there is no need to find enough cash for everyone's presents up front.

That's wonderful news when you take into account how expensive Christmas can be these days. Kids are no longer satisfied with a few cheap trinkets, so the pressure is on to buy cutting edge technological gadgets, designer brand clothing, and the season's most desirable toys.

Luckily, credit catalogues can supply everything you need, with the option of affordable monthly repayments and even buy now pay later deals available on larger orders. 

Catalogue accounts are subject to status and you will need to pass a credit check before being approved, but even if you have low credit score, there are a number of catalogues for bad credit history available.

Here are some of the top advantages to using shopping catalogues this Christmas:

Hassle-Free Shopping
We all know that Christmas shopping on the high street can be a nightmare. Fighting for a parking space, battling the crowds and queuing in never-ending lines is a surefire way to kill the festive spirit, but shopping catalogues are the perfect solution. 

Choose all of your gifts quickly and easily without ever having to go out in the cold, you can simply browse and click from the comfort of your home.

Wide Selection Of Items
Searching for the perfect present in regular stores can be a real pain. With no way of checking stock in advance you can find that you've made a pointless journey when you can't find the item you're looking for. 

Of course, you also have to trail from shop to shop to find all the gifts on your list, and in the poor winter weather that can be a thankless task. Credit catalogues are a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want or need to buy for Christmas, so there is no more need to shop around.

Inspirational Ideas
Coming up with exciting ideas for Christmas presents for all the family can be a real challenge. When socks just won't do, and you've bought the same style of underwear three years in a row, you need some serious inspiration. Shopping catalogues are packed with fun, unusual present ideas and products from all the best brands so you'll never be lacking in inspiration again!

Affordable Payments
Shopping on the high street means fronting up the cash, and if it's in short supply as it is for most of us at this time of year, that can be really stressful. When you shop using catalogues with credit accounts, all the worry of how to pay for everything at once is eliminated. 

With no need to put down a deposit, you can spend up to your credit limit hassle-free and simply make affordable monthly repayments over the next year.

Festive Clothing
Of course, it's not just presents that cause extra expense at Christmas, it's shopping for festive clothing too. The holiday season is made for partying, and with upcoming work dos, celebrations, and New Year's Eve gatherings to attend, every lady needs an updated and stylish wardrobe. When last year's dress just won't cut it, you can find the ideal outfit in one of the many fantastic home shopping catalogues.

Catalogues offer a breathtaking selection of ladieswear to suit all ages, shapes and sizes, and all at competitive prices. Select from designer brands and big names in the fashion industry, and find beautiful clothing suitable for any event in a range of colours and styles.

An added bonus is that there is no need to brave an in-store changing room to find a perfectly fitting dress. Shopping through catalogues gives you the opportunity to try on your outfit in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom, with the added bonus of your own shoes and accessories around you. 

Because returns are simple and free, if you change your mind, you can just send any unwanted items back using the Post Office or courier return service. With the added advantage of spreading the cost when you buy on finance with your catalogue credit account, why not buy a different outfit for every event?

Note: This is a sponsored post.

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