Monday, June 15, 2015

Products and Snacks I'm Loving Recently

Hello~! How's everybody doing? I've been spending my last days summer with family a lot lately. We've been going out of town almost every week and it was tiring! Not complaining though. The experience was extremely good and I am really happy whenever I spend time with them. :)

Today, I want to share some of the things I've been loving recently. Most of these things are included in my travel bag cos it was so good that I can't leave the town without them. XD

1. Got attracted with the bag.
I actually bought a travel size of this Dove set that I will be showing to you on the bottom part of this post. I got this huge set mainly because of the shampoo and the FREE tote bag. Not sure when I'm going to use the tote though. But it was so pretty and has a nautical style to it which I really adore.

By the way, since we're talking about hair I wanted to share to you this website called Hairbro where they offer the best hair replacement systems. I was amazed on how they make these wigs cos they really look real. You should check their site and see it for yourself. :D

2. My everyday eye makeup essentials. Bornprettystore brush set and Sugarbox eye palette.
I got these products from Bornprettystore last year and been using them until this day. I love the brown shades that I can almost hit pan it. The palette is very pigmented and the packaging is really nice. The quality of the brushes are okay. They are very handy and easy to bring for traveling.

3. Just realized how important sunblock is.
So I told you earlier that we're going in and out of the town recently. In the past few years I've been in a hunt for a good sunblock that I can bring with me during summer vacations. To be honest, I find them expensive or if ever I bought and used them, I wasn't that impressed. Until I got this Belo Essentials Sunblock line. I'm in love~! You can read my complete review in my Belo Essentials Sunexpert Sunscreen Review.

Oh that travel sized Dove set is what I always bring with me when I'm out of town. :)

4. Addicted on my own planner stickers.
I know this will sound like I'm over promoting my own products but honestly when I started making them, I use them first on my planners to test it out if it looks good then sell them on Etsy or instagram. I always make sure they are in a very good condition before sending them out to my clients. *wink* I guess now I can officially say that I am addicted to my own planner stickers. XD I'll show you some of my planner pages on my future posts. You'll see how I decorate my pages with these cute stickers!

5. Nope. This is not a candy.
It's a scented candle (as you can see on the packaging. lol) I bought this during our trip to Subic. I thought it was candy at first then realized it was actually a candle which has Skittles scent to it. Strawberry scent~! It was buy on get one for free so I got two of them. XD

6. Who doesn't love Nutella?
Here are the snacks that I am talking about earlier. I'm actually almost out of that gummybears and cola gummies. I placed them into a mason jar and mixed them together then kept them on top of my desk so I can munch on them anytime.


  1. Planner stickers are so cute!! <3

  2. i missed that promo dear =( i like that tote bag too!

  3. The stickers are really cute and I just recently rediscovered Dove for me. They have a pretty nice makeup-remover-facewash-lotion thing, I really like.


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