Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things I Want and Things I Write on my Planner

Hi~! If you are following me on Instagram, you might notice I've been posting quite a bit of my planner goodies. I've been planning for the last 3 years but I was not really focusing on it. I sometimes have blank pages but now I want to motivate myself by sharing it to you. So I will write and doodle more. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I have discussed my "5 Ways to organize your desk" post where you will be able to see how I set up my desk for planning. This time I want to share to you some of the things I want and write on my planner.

As you can see on my previous post, I don't really own a lot of scrapbooking materials that I can use on my planner. Well, I have enough but I really want to by more. #planneraddictproblems

So what I usually do is either download free printables or design one. Then print them out and cut them myself. I even opened a printable store on Etsy. (^◡^)っ✂❤

  • washi tape collection
  • vintage style stamps
  • scotch laminator
  • label maker
  • fujifilm instax printer

This is my very first decent journal entry on my planner. I wanted to add a WISHLIST and LIFE GOALS page where I can categorize them and stick pictures on it.

Like for example I wanted to make a Dream Wedding page. I can just print out the images of the actual set up of the wedding or cheap champagne wedding dresses of weddingshe website and decorate it with stickers and stamps. It will serve as a little mood board where I can bring and doodle anywhere. Agree?

BTW, since I've mentioned about wedding dresses, here are some of my pics from Weddingshe that I really want to include in my journal in the future.

Most of you know my obsession with white and gold shades, so wedding dresses really captures my attention.

Anyway, back to planning. (´∇ノ`*)ノ

  • inspirational quotes
  • things that had happen during the day
  • things I need or want to do
  • special occasions
  • random thoughts
I have started following planner related accounts on my instragam already and I hope get inspired and motivated every single day. If you want to join the planner community on instagram, you can simple go to profile and view my "following" tab at @misskatv and follow them as well.

How about you? Do you own a planner? Do you also like to decorate it?


  1. Wow, your planner is so cute! I really like the way you're decorating it with your texts and drawings, it looks so stylish and nice!
    I shoud try to own a planner too and try to decorate it!


  2. I used to do this back when I was in uni! Was hoping to pick up on it again this year but it's already April so I don't know if that seems lame haha and then there's pinterest to draft out my ideal wedding etc :3


  3. I naturally love to write, I've always kept a diary/journal/planner for as long as I can remember! I never even knew that there was a planner community! None of my friends keep journals so I just never talk about mine! So glad I saw this post! xx

  4. i have current planner too =) im using mom 24/7 2015 planner (i got from ms rowena) last year planner was the bdj 2014 (which i won from twitter giveaway by BDJ)

  5. Your writing is so neat! I dont write in a planner/journal but I do scrapbooking :)

    Jessie @ bijou-heart: Newest Post~ Week in a Nutshell and Poems

  6. i haven't tried any planner from bdj. I would want one but I need something that I can easily sort out the pages like planners with ring binders. so this planner is definitely a "must buy" for me :)

  7. yay! you should join the instagram planner community. there are tons of beautiful posts that you might enjoy there :)

  8. I stopped using planners during college and I wished i didn't. It helped me so much especially with work.

    The reason why I'm using a ring bind planner so I can start at any month. I can sort them out whenever i want to, and personalize them depending on my taste. :)

    I'm also using pinterest but I like writing naturally. It's therapeutic IMO. XD

  9. Thank you dear.<3 I really like doodling. I think it adds more personality and life in my planner. You should try it too! :3

  10. Ah that's true, I should get a blank planner and start from there! And I know that feeling - I used to write journals all the time but I replaced that with blogging haha. The internet :((

  11. i love blogging but i still like to be artsy and play with craft supplies. :D

  12. What brand/model is this planner?? It's beautiful.

  13. dear where did you get your refills?


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