Monday, April 27, 2015


Hi~! Does any of you went out just to stroll and go home with tons of shopping bags with you? *coughs* I'm very guilty of this actually.

Me and my boyfriend only planned to watch the new Avengers: Age of Ultron. But I can not resist going in a supplies store and scan all the shelves for goodies. So I guess this would be a planner addict confession post.

I bought so much things that I'm not even sure if I really "need" it. I think I have a problem. :x This is not even half of the things I recently bought online. :o I'll just edit the photos and share that on another post.

Ok so let us start with the most boring thing I bought that day. XD I got this cute little denim hair ties and a bunch of brown ones as these ties always tend to disappear whenever I'm done using them.

Then I got a black stamp pad which I will be using a lot with my new stamps that I also purchased recently~

Then decided to replace my little blue puncher with this white one hole punch which can punch up to 10 sheets.

And then saw this cute white stiletto phone stand which I got from SM Accessories. I was hoping I can use this for my tablet, but my tablet is too heavy for it.

I was a bit scared of using my X-acto knife for cutting so I purchased this handy cutter and another brown sharpie which I think is perfect for my 2015 Starbucks planner.

Finally got myself a Dymo label maker. It comes with a free black 9mm tape refill. I think this is over priced. The label maker + 1 refill costs around 500+php. Then if you want to purchase just the refill, it costs around 140+ php per roll. :<

Splurged and got this shoes from Pony. Which I will be using everyday because it is very comfy! :D

These things are not even included in my shopping list. XD It's not even practical. Sometimes, you need to splurge on things you want. It's called retail therapy. haha.

Ok so now on some of my wishlist and inspirations. I found this lovely site which offers formal style dresses from

I was always on the hunt for cheap formal dress shops online and always comparing designs and price ranges to share with my prom/fashion related post. And I think is a pretty good site for that. They offer high quality goods at a very reasonable price. Perfect for those who are budget conscious. You can even read reviews on a specific dress you are eyeing for.

That's all for today's post. Thank you so much for reading. Do you also love to splurge on craft supplies?


  1. That phone stand is so creative! i love the form of high heels so much because shoes are my addiction, hehe~

    And it's really cool that this stand is off white and it's possible to paint and decorate it!


  2. do you also keep a planner? :D

  3. it's so cute right? I might add a bow on it XD

  4. yes dear =) im using mom 24/7 for 2015 =)

  5. You and my sister are stationery hoarders haha! Her bedroom is like a stationery shop no joke. But how was Age Of Ultron? Compared to the previous Avenger films I think it was alright ~ I'm more excited about the mid-credit scene though :D


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