Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tips to score the perfect wedding dress

Hello ladies! Since I've been posting a lot of articles about dresses, I though it would be great to make another one but this time for wedding dresses. I know my blog isn't the best source for this but I did some research so it will be easier for me as well if I plan on starting mine.

1. DO SOME RESEARCH before stepping your foot in a bridal shop. As what I am doing for this post, I collected information from different websites like Pinterest, Tumblr, wedding sites and magazines. This can help you narrow your choices down ahead of time.

2. CUSTOM MADE. Most brides want their dress to be custom made. If you really want a custom gown, it is best to do it 6-8 months before the wedding. This will save you "rush fees".

3. BUDGET & DESIGN. Be clear about the budget and design. If you want something like Champagne Lace Wedding dress make sure the design you wanted fits the budget. Also include your budget for alterations.

4. VENUE. Always consider the venue. Wether it's a beach or church wedding. This is essential. You can always search for "2015 Wedding Dresses for..." So you'll get enough ideas.

5. GO VINTAGE. If you're planning to save tons of money, you can always consider buying a second-hand dress from vintage shops. Vintage dresses are very attractive especially with it champagne color, perfect for brides to wear.

I hope this post helped some of you. That's all for today!

For more info, visit:  http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Dresses-2015-112577/

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