Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life lately through my iPhone

1. I have been decorating my Starbucks planner with stickers and sticky notes since 2015 started but I wanted to add some personality to it. So I drew some typography which actually turned out really girly and fun. I'm very excited to draw for the month of March. 2. My mom and dad has this old cabinet with clear glass doors that was originally in wood color and texture. I forgot to take a before photo. ._. I wanted to buy my own but my dad insisted that he can repaint it so it can match my room. So to make the story short, he did. I'm very happy about it.

3. Remember my silver Eiffel tower lamp? Well, I though it was very plain and simple so I bought a rose gold spray paint and repainted it to add some color to my bed side table. What do you think? Is it better? Oh, I also bought this little lantern and put a candle in it, making my table look extra lovely.

4. This is a shot from my desk. Can you imagine, the sun can actually hit my desk during noon time. I don't know if it's good or bad. But I can't really work well with all that sunlight. It's like a distraction especially if you have this Mac glass screened monitor reflecting all the light. >_>

5. Have you heard of the new 3 minute miracle conditioner from Pantene? Well, it was actually better than Creamsilk in my opinion. I have been using this for weeks now and it really made my hair extra soft and made it easily manageable unlike before. You should try it. You can get one for free if you visit and answer a survey from BDJ or sampleroom. This promo is only available within the Philippines.

6. I got a package full of choker necklaces from PINKINSIDETHEBOX and this tattoo one is my favorite. I paired it with my red lipstick from NYX (snow white) if you're wondering. Vampire look achieved. ^-^ If you're interested to get one, you can search @pinkinsidethebox on instagram. They have lots of designs to choose from.

7. I started to paint my nails again. I used Sansan's red gleam in this photo. Perfect for Valentine's Day right? ^-^

8. I was assigned to help style for the kids photo shoot. It was actually fun working with little kids especially the cute ones. 

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