Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fashion Color Trends (Spring) for 2015 featuring Tidestore

I did some research and collected some information to share to you the spring fashion trends this 2015. Let's focus on the colors so it will be easier for us to know what to look for when shopping. This spring season, the colors are more towards the cooler and and softer side of the color spectrum. I think it is very similar to pastels and neutrals. I have a lot of pastel colored tops and dresses as it looks light on the eyes and very feminine in my opinion. These type of clothing are very much available online. You can buy them from online stores like Tidestore, ASOS, Zalora and other well-known stores. 

Knits and sheer tops are one of the most prefered style during spring. It is very appropriate for the color palette. All you have to do is to accessorize to achieve different looks. Choose a top that will accentuate your skin color. It doesn't always matter if it's body fitting or loose, as long as the color suits your skin tone it will help carry the total look.


These pastel colored dresses are romantic and timeless. Floral, printed or monochrome. Depends on your mood. As long as it is pastel, it will make your overall look, light. You can also wear it will different shoe or bag shade to intensify the look a bit. Add a little edge to the softness of pastel with bright, fun accessories.

Here's a spring color palette that I got from pinterest. Hope it helps. :)


  1. I'm loving all the colors spring colors especially the different blues, purples and peachy tones. So light and happy looking! =P

  2. So guava is actually red orange. Nice one! I love your blog, so colorful and informative :D
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  3. beautiful dresses!!

    im loving all the pastel colored dresses!

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    thank you!

  4. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??

  5. Love these colours, Pistachio is so gorgeous! I'm a new follower and cant wait to read more of your posts <3

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  6. these colors are really pretty!! wish i could add more than just black and white to my wardrobe~

    rie // reach you ☆

  7. I'm new to your blog so I still have to go through the archives( which will be obviously a treat).
    I love this post, its so girly but age appropiate..and you are a cutie too!


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