Saturday, August 2, 2014


Lately I've been redecorating my room non-stop. But I wasn't really happy about it. Maybe because of the overall color of my room. I like something that is more on the shabby chic kinda theme. But sadly, my room walls are in pink and my cabinets are in this dark brown color which I don't really like. My room is very small and I think these cabinets made it look smaller that it actually is. So I though of revamping everything. I'll be showing you my room before we started revamping it. A little disclaimer, I am not bragging. There's nothing to brag about. Just want to make a photodiary of my old and new look of my room. *wink*

So in this side, I have 2 mirrors which I don't really understand why I have two. *lol* Then you'll see my nail polish rack that was also made by my dad. Lastly, I have my standing cabinet.

This is what you'll see when you enter my room. As I've said earlier, my room is quite small. On this side I have my bed, desk where I take most of my photos for blogging and my single bed.

On this side of my room you'll see a mirror attached on the wall. Above is my AC. And another desk/cabinet type where I keep my skincare stuff and other stocks.

Then above you'll see another cabinet. I keep my bags and other clothes in there. It was originally a standing cabinet that is also in dark brown shade but I asked my dad to paint it white and attach it to the wall to maximize the space.

Then at the back of my door, I have this hanger where I have my glasses and medals from school during highschool and college. XD Alright, that's all for today's post! I'll show you the "on the process" photos soon! I'm still fixing and rearranging my stuffs until now XD


  1. I love your room and its color :)

  2. awww so cute love your room

  3. You room is so cute....:)

  4. we'll i tried to organize everything before. but wasn't really contented with the total look. hehehe. but thanks for the comment! :)


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