Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hi~! For today's post I'll be showing you some of my recent makeup purchases. I wasn't really planning to buy any of these but well, I can't resist. So yeah, I bought them closed eyes. LOL. I can't remember when I last purchase this much makeup but I'm pretty sure it was months ago. I'm making sure to buy only what I need and not what I want. But this day was exempted. Haha.

So the first thing I got is this Maybelline Baby lips color lipbalm. I'm not sure why we have different packaging from other country but I heard a lot of good reviews about this so I really want to try it and bought my own. Yay!

Next thing I got is this Etude House Soft lips auto lipliner. I think this is my second one. I'm still not sure if I like it. So I repurchased it to test it out again. As I can remember, this lip liner dries my lips. Since I bought a Baby lips lipbalm maybe it won't dry my lips now. Hm... I'll let you know.

Then I got my very first Etude House vivid popstick in pink. I wasn't really expecting much when I saw this on the counter. But when I swatched it, I instantly fell in love. It is very similar to Revlon's Colorburst matte balm. It wasn't moisturizing as the Revlon one but the staying power is very good.

I swatched this Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse on my hand and was amazed by the texture and finish of the product. I fell in love. Didn't stop until I bought one. But when I got home, tested it out, I was devastated T_T I got the wrong shade. It didn't match my skin tone. The sales rep actually recommended a shade darker than this but I insisted that I would choose the lightest shade. But still, not for me. T_T So now I have to mix it with my other foundation to match my skin tone.

I also bought some clothes from Forever 21. I got 2 tank tops, one in aqua blue and one in army green. Only P105 per piece. Then we went to the department store to look for a shirt for my coworker but eventually I bought this Flash shirt and denim shorts that was on sale. Yay! So, that's all for today. How about you? When did you last spoil yourself? hihi


  1. AH, I'm sorry about you getting the wrong foundation shade :( I hate it when that happens!! And I love babylips!! I use it everyday and noticed a large improvement!<3


  2. Too bad that you god the wrong shade....Nice picks dear....xoxoxo....^_^

  3. Is the foundation darker or lighter than your skin color? Love the flash shirt and shorts!

  4. Lovely haul....:)

  5. I have that lip liner from Etude House as well and, yeah, it dried up my lips as well. Love the clothes you bought, btw! :)


  6. hi hi. is the etude house vivid popstick sheer like a lip balm? thanks for the cool post! xoxo

  7. You can never go wrong to those Maybelline Lip Balms :D

  8. OH the maybelline balm is so cute and sweet looking!! And I hate purchasing the wrong color foundation >////< Then I have to save it until warm weather when I tan

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽


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