Saturday, June 28, 2014


Let's take a quick break from all the skin care reviews and talk about chocolates! Yay! So I got my package from @sweetcornerph from Instagram last week. They sell imported hard to find chocolates and other goodies! M&M's, Milkyway, Butterfinger, Mars, Milka, Starburst, Kitkat, name it!
I know it's just chocolates *nothing to break* but I really appreciate the bubble wrap. :> It was nicely packed ans sent through JRS Express. The only problem here is that there's a possibility that the chocolates will melt during shipping.

So here are some of the products from their shop. Their prices are very affordable and perfect fit for my "kuripot" budget. hihihi.
If you're interested to try these yummy goodies, you may contact @sweetcornerph on instagram for faster transactions.


  1. Mouth watering post...:D

  2. looove chocolate! I'm from the US and I have tried all of these chocolates!!!

  3. Ohhh food heaven! What an awesome business idea :) I've just found your blog, now following!

    Kitsune x


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