Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hi~ Here are some of the photos from the Cosmetologie event for 2014. I was really expecting much from this event as they will compress everything in one day. But sadly I personally think it was worst than last year. They focus more on the contests and presentations. Stalls aren't that many. We went there for work so I didn't have enough time to take photos as we have to focus on collecting different suppliers and source for newly launched beauty products.

In this photo you can see a Korean lady teaching us some nail art techniques. It's like we're watching a live Youtube tutorial. We also got to watch some hair competitions sponsored by different brands. They we're using different products such hair coloring, treatments and extensions. Oh by the way, if you are interested to try out hair extensions, you may want to visit this site called besthairbuy.com. They offer a lot of hair extensions with different colors, lengths ans styles.

So anyway, we didn't even buy anything from that event. Didn't stay for more than an hour. I hope there will be more stalls, brands and products on next year's Cosmetologie. I can't even write a proper blog post for this event. :< Alright, that's all for today! Thank you for reading.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience dear.....xoxoxo....^_^



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