Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I did a little haul at Etude house last March and found 2 of the best products I have ever tested. I really wish I purchased these products a long time ago. I'm going out everyday so having a makeup that can last up to 12hrs is a must have.

I got a shea butter mask.

A white pearl mask.

And since collagen is very popular lately, I also got one to test it out.

Alright, this Etude house Oh my Eyeliner is the best! I use this everyday to work and it doesn't smudge the whole day. It's very easy to remove too. I only use wipes to remove it before going to sleep. The brush is very thin and the handle is quite nice for control.

The other product that I swear by is this Etude House Color my brows. Before this, I'm only using a brown pencil and some eyeshadow and it doesn't stay for more than 7 hours. It is very annoying that I have to prevent myself to touch my brows as it may be erased anytime. *oily face problems* But after using this product, it definitely sealed the color of my brows unless I use some wipes. *thumps up*

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