Saturday, March 22, 2014


It's been 10 days since I made a legit post. I'm not sure why I'm not in the mood to make one. But since I have so much to share with you, I feel like I need to start pushing myself on making one. I've been to Subic last February 24, 2014 with the family and since then, I haven't been updating my blog regularly. To make up with you, here's a review of my new jacket from FASHIONTOANY.
I got it together with my galaxy bag which I also reviewed in "EYE-CATCHING GALAXY INSPIRED BAG" post. Both items are in very good condition. They shipped it in a huge box and made sure that I didn't have to pay more than P50 for the tax. Most items shipped through DHL and Fedex asks for P2,000 for the delivery charge and everything which annoys me a lot.
To be honest, I had 2 packages left at DHL because they're charging me almost 3x the amount of the package. I tried to contact my sponsors but some aren't willing to pay the charges. Sad story. :( Most of them were boots. huhuhu. So I'm really glad this package came nicely and without any hassle. Thumbs up for FASHIONTOANY!
Now let's talk about the details of the jacket. As you can see on the photos, the jacket has a very thick orange lining. It's perfect for the cold weather. Plus it has pockets inside for your phone and wallet if you like to carry it with your everyday.

I'm not sure where you can get one locally (Philippines) so the best way to get one is through online shopping. The design of the jacket is very detailed. You might think that it's authentic! Like the one Air-force's is using. lol.

Overall, I like this jacket very much and I'm planning to use it when we go to Baguio again!


  1. That's a cute military jacket! Too bad about the shipping, but you look really nice in the jacket! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Lovely jacket very trendy!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. i dunno nga why they had to charge it pa.. samantalang kungtutuusin nabayaran na yun ng nagpadala =( one time yung sister ko.. may package sya from lazada.. yung laman nun ay dress gift sa kanya ng bf nya.. already been paid via cc tapos binilin yun ng kapatid ko sa mother ko na may package na parating.. package arrived from lazada pero they were asking for 1k for delivery charge.. snabi ko kay nanay wag kunin anu yun kasing halaga ng dress yung delivery charge? and why ask for payment if it has been already been paid.. kasuya.. meron akong package abroad na dina nakakarating sa kin =( believe me i have friend working in PO before (actually mother yun ng schoolmate ko nung highschool) nagresign yun because she saw yung mga ginagawa ng mga kasamahan nya sa trabaho.. you'll see sample on one of my post

    btw i love your jacket so unique hehe..

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