Thursday, February 20, 2014


Do you wear shoes with heels? How often do you wear them? Well for me, it would be "NEVER". Yes, I never really have the guts to wear high heels. Not because I can't, but I wouldn't. Maybe it's because I'm already 5'7, I really don't know how tall I am now.

Whenever I wear something taller than 3" people starts to stare at me. STARING AT OTHER PEOPLE IS VERY RUDE OKAY?! Glancing is ok. But staring?! Gosshhhh. Even if I look at them, they don't even budge to look somewhere else. I don't know what they are thinking but it's making me feel uneasy. Alright, so much for that. I just wanna know if some of you felt that way. Or am I just over sensitive.

Anyway, today I made a quick wishlist which I think that is perfect for summer! Since summer is coming, I grabbed some photos from PERSUNMALL and made this little wishlist that I would like to wear without hesitations! Right! High heels for summer! It's time to give myself a chance to get stared at. LOL. I think this outfit will be perfect for any occasions. The bag and shoes can be worn with any color of dress or top. So it's definitely a must have!

So that's it for today's post! I hope you're all doing great! Until next post~

Do you also wear high heels?


  1. I love heels! but i don't have the chance to wear ;(

  2. Yes! Heels are lovely, not to mention it makes a woman feel sexy :)

  3. i wear highheels during special occasions which it is required to, but im more into flat shoes =) and my recent finds where from Posh Pocket Shoes (you can check them too) i love how comfty they are.. flat shoes where easy to match with any clothes (even you were wearing shorts or skirts.. pants or even dresses)

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