Wednesday, February 26, 2014



MINT IS THE NEW PINK by misskatv featuring vinyl wall stickers
Hello everyone~! I hope you like today's inspiration. I've put up some mint and gray pieces from my polyvore account. It's about time we try something new and fresh! Black also looks good with mint, but with gray, the complete coordinate looks a lot softer and lighter. *agree?*

I almost forgot about this polyvore thing as I have been busy with work lately. We've been doing a lot of development for 2014 and whenever I get home, I try to squeeze my time for my store and family bonding. *too much things needed to be done, so little time. huhu*

Just a random thought, have I ever told you that I didn't like the color purple ever since I was a kid? I don't know why it doesn't appeal to me. But I will try to make purple coordinates if you want me to! Just let me know in the comment box!
Victoria s Secret PINK vneck t shirt
1,320 PHP -

Fringe denim shorts
880 PHP -

Keds grey shoes
2,685 PHP -

Mudd vintage rucksack
1,145 PHP -

1 20 Blackbirds bracelet watch
995 PHP -

Apple iphone case
1,430 PHP -

Clinique eye shadow
670 PHP -

Eos lip treatment
440 PHP -

Essie blue nail polish
380 PHP -

Aidan Gray rustic home decor
9,590 PHP -

Ferm LIVING vinyl wall sticker
2,445 PHP -


  1. bet ko yung backpack =) aww.. lately ko lang naging fave yung purple =)

  2. i recently been noticing mint :) in the purple thing try lavender or lilac, that's much softer i guess been inlove with the color since i was in kindergarten :)

  3. Maybe you should surround yourself with more purples for you to get used to it. Anyway, i love the mintspiration! :)

  4. i love mint, too! i love seeing them paired with white stuff. :)

  5. Definitely! Love it! I could not agree more with you

  6. Mint is definitely the new pink! I loveee this, and the birdcage accent :3


  7. oh my goodness. didn't expect someone to appreciate my fashion inspiration like this. thank you so much for your comment. it really made my day!

  8. ya ya ya! white is so versatile! i love it too!

  9. i dunno, but i'll try. :> thanks for your comment!

  10. lavender and lilac is okay :> but i would have to say no to violet and purple :/ anyway, thank you for your comment! :>

  11. Welcomes! ^.^
    I was just thinking, a very very light or pale grey would work! =D Window shopping tiiiiiiiiimeeee


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