Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I wondered if there was some way I can add the Valentine feel to my bed side table without breaking the silver-white look that I am going for. As a result, I made this very easy and simple DIY framed quote / typography to complete the semi-valentine look! The items needed for this quick project are available at any supply store! I think we can all agree that this project is one of the simplest DIY project ever! *lol. I'm not even sure why I did a tutorial for this. It's so damn easy!*

1. Prepare your items - we will be using a ruler, photo frame (you can use an old one), printer, paper, double sided tape, scissors or x-acto knife, and lastly photos or post cards if you have any.

2. Print your image - go to pinterest and search for "valentine's day quotations" you will find tons of quotes and typography for that. You can save it and print it out on a paper. Or if you have something special like a photo of you and your boyfriend or even a postcard that reminds you of Valentine's day, you may use that as well. Anything that resembles heart's day is okay! *wink* By the way. If you're printing an image, make sure that it can fit the frame by adjusting the image itself or the printer set up.

3. Measure your image - it is best to use the glass of the frame to trace the image so it's a perfect fit! If you have a photo that is a little bit smaller than the frame, you can stick it to a paper and trace it with the glass. You can use any color you like! Red and pink would be best!

4. Cut the artwork - cut and stick the paper on the other side of the frame to secure.

5. Display - you can hang this piece or put it on top of a table like I did!

Honestly, this typography caught my attention because of the word MINE. Okay, this is going to be cheesy, but that's how my BF calls me. Well, I use to call him "mine" only through text messages. Oh maybe I'm not that cheesy as he is. *lol*

What would you like to receive for Valentine's day among these two: Chocolates or Roses?


  1. This is so adorable and "so damn easy!" Ha ha :) Great post. xoxo


  2. I also have a frame like this in my room <3

  3. A must in my DIY weekend. thanks for sharing.

  4. chocolate =) and oh! i love DIY posts!!

  5. I love all your DIY posts :) Very helpful!

    I'm not too fond of chocolate so.. I would definitely rather roses :D



    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  6. cute DIY! I personally don't decorate my room that much since there's no much space lol. I'd prefer to receive chocolates as flowers don't last that long. It's still nice to receive them though :)

  7. This is a really cute idea!
    Hahaa I don't really like getting chocolates or roses because you can't keep either of them. If I had to pick though it would probably be chocolates. Cant eat roses LOL

  8. haha i'd choose chocolates too! but if they're going to give me white roses, i might accept it for my room decoration. lol

  9. you can put up wall cabinets to maximize your space. I'll be renovating my room soon, i'll try to show it in this blog for ideas :D

  10. thanks phoebe! red or white roses? :D i like white ones!

  11. nice! I'll be getting another one for a different diy :D

  12. you're welcome dear =) i hove some DIYs made too on my blog (mostly during my baby's christening and birthday souvenir =) you can see it here on my page =)

  13. Red for sure!! I should be showing my hubby this! :P

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  15. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. c:
    Happy valentines day!


  16. you're welcome dear =)


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