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Traditional big money casinos evoke images of glamorous women and besuited men, like the Rat Pack in the 50s. Movies have continued to give us the idea that the gilt covered casinos of the Strip are full of the most glamorous women and celebs galore. And, of course, Vegas is a great place to go for some celeb spotting.

Where you’ll find the most glamorous celebrities

Stars ranging from Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Calvin Harris right up to the President of the United States himself all have their favourite hotspots in Vegas. It’s the place where the stars go to party and everyone from Bradley Cooper to Rihanna are regularly spotted at places like the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace.

Katy Perry in her famous Vegas ‘dice dress’
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Check out Britney’s outfits from her brand new Vegas show, Piece of Me at Caesar’s Palace

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Although the days of always being dressed to the nines at the casinos and hotels are gone, the evenings still show celebrities looking amazing as they take on the tables, go to shows or sample the restaurants and clubs.

Vegas glamour today is removed from its 50s heyday, but it has an anything goes style all of its own that shows the stars putting their designer twist on everyday outfits.

Casino glamour on the big screen

glamour, high rollers and high fashion. Casino, the 1995 movie starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone is the epitome of Vegas glam. Stone parades on screen in a series of stunning dresses and outfits and the entire luxury of exclusive casinos and clubs is a sensory overload. 

The Ocean’s 11 trilogy has Danny Ocean and his crew of misfits and criminals dressed as suavely as you can imagine as they work on their complicated heist plans. The whole movie is an ode to the glam of the original 50s version starring Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Some of the finest films to show off the delights of Vegas portray a world of high octane

Glamming up on your visit

Many people see a trip to Vegas as a chance to experience a taste of the high life. If you have the cash there’s nothing to stop you staying in the same hotels and visiting the same clubs as the celebs. And there’s nothing to stop you dressing up to the nine’s to experience the whole gamut of Vegas casino nightlife.

Of course, if that all sounds like a bit too much effort, you could always recreate the experience in your home and hop onto an online casino. Grab some cheap fizz, get your party dress on, set up some music and play the games at your own house - a much more reasonable way to enjoy a Vegas themed night without shedding too much cash!

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