Saturday, December 21, 2013


nail art christmas red suit santa tutorial dit cute kawaii nails design
Here's a quick nail art tutorial that I posted on Instagram weeks ago. It was inspired from Santa's red suit. I think it's so easy to do on the nails and perfect for the season. The photo is self explanatory so I won't describe the steps one by one. I just used mostly acrylic paints on this tutorial and sealed it with a thick coat of clear polish. For the red base I used Sansan polish.

Just a little update... I'm currently addicted to Sarah Bareilles songs. Downloaded almost all of her songs in my phone. Her songs are just so relaxing and pleasant to the ears. My favorites are I Choose You, Love Song & Bottle It Up. Always wearing earphones in the office and listen to her music.

Oopss, before you head out from this blog, I'd like to announce the winner from my ROSEWHOLESALE giveaway~

The winner is... GEORGIA KARANTANI!

I'll be sending you an email and please respond after 48 hours or I will be forced to choose another winner. Thank you everyone for joining! I'll be opening another giveaway next week so please do check this blog if you have time~

How about you, who's your current favorite artist?


  1. I absolutely love these nails!!
    Way too cute. c:

    My current favorite artist happens to be Eminem, as well as a polish group "Bokka".


  2. this is so cute - thanks for sharing x

  3. love it <3

    new follower


  4. Super cute! Love festive nails xx


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