Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hi~! I haven't been feeling very well lately. I've been sick for the past weeks and I'm not very happy with it. It's affecting my job. But that can never stop me from blogging. It make me feel happy and stress free. I can't explain why.
Here are some of my photos from instagram. I'll explain to you one by one *wink*

My bedside table. I keep my night time products on my bedside table so I won't forget using them. *I'm very very lazy with these. So placing it beside my bed is the best thing I ever did. haha.*

I got a new bag from the mail! I won't be reviewing this coz this made me sick. Literally sick. I had headaches. It smells so bad, like chemicals. As in really bad. At first I though it would fade after several use. But I cannot use it after the first trial. I bought it to the office and the smell spread like hell. I was so embarrassed. I guess the glue that they used for the bag melted during the delivery and caused the bag to smell that way. Coz I noticed that the glue on the bag slightly comes off like it's peeling. Too bad, the bag looks so nice.

My dad put up this huge PAROL (Christmas lantern) at our living room's window. It adds a lot of Christmas ambiance in our home. We have this for almost 5 years now. We only keep it in a very safe place then take it out every Christmas!

I had a chance to clean up all my brushes with the help of my cousin. But believe me, lately I'm only using 5 brushes max for my face. One for my bbcream, one for my face powder, one for blush, one for eyeshadow then one for my brows. Same brushes all the time. If they get dirty, I have to wash them again and doesn't even try to look for another set of brushes. I will make a blog post about them too!

I told you earlier that I've been sick these past few days. It's true, I even felt that I needed to wear these so I won't spread the "virus". *haha.* The mask was actually given to me by a friend. Coz I don't have one. I still have the cold thought. Still taking some meds. T_T

This is our Christmas Tree! I already added the gifts! Yay!

These are the lenses that I recently reviewed here.

I'm loving my new style. More on the dark shades like No7. You should follow her on instagram!

My latest selfie with the lazy uncombed hair! *hahaha*

That's all for today's post!
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  1. get well soon! wow exagge yung bag ha! baka the glue was made in china or something kaya ganun! sayang

  2. super cute pics dear...
    get well soon

  3. get well soon :) I love the christmas tree <3


  4. Hope u get well soon!! <3


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