Sunday, November 3, 2013


HELLOOOO~! I know I've been busy with my other ig account (shop) for so long that I nearly neglected my personal account. But since I lie lowed these past few days from the business, I started posting photos on my ig again. Hooray for that. :)) So here are some of the pictures I took from the past weeks.

This is my everyday working attire. haha
shoes and feet of ALEX_MAC :))

shoes, feet and legs of QIU :D

I find this very unique. this was originally a frozen pancakes that was given to us by my cousin. all you have to do is to preheat the pancakes and it's ready to serve! /for good ol lazy me.

not a fan of raw food but this looks so good!

new discovered favorite food of the month. haha. pretzels from AUTIE ANNE'S.

i believe it's been 5 years since i went here. the church was closed that time but we sneak at the back and got a chance to go inside the museum as well. hihi

i super miss chichi (cousins dog) she's super sweet and hyperactive hahaha!

natasha beauty's event at romulo cafe. i haven't made a blog post about it yet. but i'll sure do even if it's overdue. hihi. sorry about that.

my officemates alex and qiu :D

my handmade hello kitty inspired sunglasses. i used polymer clays for these if you're wondering :D

trying to look korean with the bun wahaha

and last photo for today is of course myself with the new BBCREAM of natasha beauty that was already launch for November-December 2013 collection :) Designed by yours trullllyyy~


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