Friday, September 13, 2013

How I Managed To Create A Lovely Look For The Homecoming

Girls will always look forward to look great during the homecoming party. It’s one of those nights where you can dress up all you want and be beautiful throughout the evening. I can still recall when I had my homecoming party. It was really a success since I was chosen to be the homecoming queen of that night. Everything was magical and that day was truly made for me. And though I got the biggest prize of the evening, it doesn’t mean I did not put some effort in making myself pretty. So now I am going to share to you some tips as to how I managed to create a lovely look for the homecoming party.
1. Always have a plan – If you wanna make sure that everything will be in place, then secure a plan and never leave anything out of place. I made my preparations 2-3 months before the homecoming and I tried to think of the general details such as what to wear, what makeup to use, where should I get my hair done, and etc.
2. I shopped in advance – I never wasted my time and went ahead with my shopping chores. First I decided on a workable budget for me to use in my shopping. Then I made a list of things I need for the homecoming such as the dress, shoes, accessories, and other bare essentials. As for the dress, I decided to buy online since it’s more convenient this way. We did a lot of our homework and found many online stores selling homecoming dresses. Finally I stumbled upon this site called the green guide and found the homecoming dresses designed by them were all gorgeous-looking. I had a hard time deciding which one to choose until I have ultimately selected my top 3 homecoming dresses and here they are:

(Sheath Chiffon Mini Strapless Cocktail Dress)

(A-line Strapless Knee-length Sleeveless Taffeta Dress)

All of these gowns are very nice-looking, but I decided to go for the third option as my girlfriend’s decided in wearing knee-length homecoming dresses for the evening. As for the shoes and the accessories, I ended up buying nothing since my sister was very kind to lend me hers.
3. I thought about the right hairstyle to wear for the party – I did some hairstyling of my own weeks before the actual event so that I can see which ones will ultimately look good on me. I did some basic hair works and when I got what I want, I let the stylist take care of it for me on the day of the homecoming.
4. I did my own makeup – It’s better to do your own makeup as you are already familiar with your style. As I did before, I tested on some makeup styles and used the one I have chosen to wear on the event.
5. I came to the party with confidence – I took the liberty of owning the entire evening and showed my graceful elegance in front of everybody. I did not falter on any harsh comments being made by my other peers. I just went on and had a great time partying and my “hardwork” did pay off for I became that evening’s homecoming queen.


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