Monday, September 16, 2013


hello~  i've been lurking through different websites and found myself clicking on black / studded styled apparels. in my opinion, these kind of fashion never goes out of style! i personally like these 4 when worn all at once. it looks so edgy yet still has a hint of the classy side. i don't own a lot of clothes, especially black colored ones.

the reason behind that would be my mom. why? she doesn't like me wearing dark colored clothes. well, that was when i'm still a little kid. haha. she likes to buy bright and soft colored clothes as it will make me look nicer and healthier. lol. i'm so skinny that my mom needs to do those stuff to make me look healthy. wtf. thanks mom!

since i look so much healthier now. (lol. no, i think that's only my opinion. wahaha.) i can wear anything i want! :)) so for this wishlist, i picked these black studded / distressed clothing which i think will look really good together.

that's all for today's post! ciao~

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