Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'm so excited to share this to you! This is going to be a bit long than usual. I know some of you might not be interested in "my life" but let me just show you some of the things I posted on my instagram. I noticed that most of my photos are selfies and things I like to do when I get bored. Alright, let's start :D


I got this hat from a giveaway and I thought of taking a photo wearing it. just the hat, without any makeup on. lol I think it looks good on me though. lol joke no. It's from Hattah Hattah.


Okay, just don't laugh! The one on the left was when I was 2 years old, the on on the top right was when I was 6 and the one on the lower right was when I was 19 y/o. XD


One of my favorite makeup look. Neutral and simple. This was when I started learning how to draw my brows. hahaha. Back in the old times, when I was still starting learning makeup, I only focus on my eyeliner I didn't even bother putting anything on my brows. hahahaha. Imagine how I look. @_@


I have a soft heart for cute stuff. Even if I don't need it, I'm always having the urge to buy it without any reason. T_T And it is getting worst. Ugh. Like this oil blotting sheet that is not even helpful. I just like the packaging T_T I still use my clean & clear blotting sheet and always end up leaving this in my room.


Originally, I do not like dogs. We didn't have any pet, except for my rabbits that all died of aging T_T. We also had an aquarium and got a fish that we called Oscar. He stayed alive for a couple of years and died. My mom got depressed because she loves that fish so bad. And never got another one after that. My parents doesn't like fury pets. But my cousin got this really cute puppy named CHICHI and I instantly feel in love with her charming fluffy fffuuuuurrrrrrr. She is so adorable!


I also like to do different kinds of hair styles. Like this photo that I took when I did my friend's hair. I like braids. :)


Another selfie that I took in front of a mirror. Trying to copy cheesie's way of taking pictures. hehehe


As what I have said earlier, I like to play a lot with my hair. I do this when I get bored. I twist my hair and curl it using the old fashion way. :)

I also eat a LOT but doesn't gain weight. End of story.

no caption for this. wahahaha. VAIN!


My face with and without makeup. Haha. See the difference on my brows?

To change things up a bit, here's a photo of my everyday arm candy whenever I go to work. I made the rose themed one last year :D


I know this photo looks gross but that's how I do my bun whenever I get home from work.

Last photo / selca today is this pic of mine when I tried doing the gradient lips. And yes, I look very different here. Thanks to the filters. hahaha :) That's all for today guys! Thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. Haha that was interesting to read.
    Super like the rose bracelet! Omg how you made it >wwwww<
    You are pretty! Even without makeup~

  2. Neutral makeup looks really nice on you. ^_^ I play with my hair when I'm bored, too.

  3. O you look so different in your 6 years old photo :)
    Well you are very pretty in 18 :)

  4. Very interesting post! Cute pictures! and how do you do your eyebrows? mine are so uneven! help!!

    I have followed your blog. Please follow my brandnew blog. pretty please?

  5. the bracelet is really cute :) i also wonder how you made it :3


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