Sunday, August 4, 2013


Cat is a very popular element that you can see everywhere!
Especially in the Fashion World!
Definitely, I am a CAT lover too J
She is my friend, and you!

romwe cat design top dress shirt kitty cute kawaii fashion hot
I always wondered what is the most in my closet: shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and maybe pants?
But when I recently looked through my closet conclusion was arrived at himself - most have leggings!
It is quite the opposite and will often jump in leggings than pants. They are lighter, perfectly fit to the legs and can be truly original.  Can be combined with sneakers and sweatshirt or the elegantly with balerinami and jacket.  Love them inspired me to shop Romwe, which has in its offer dozens of great designs.
I was so surprised when I saw this cat face print leggings!!!!
It is really the perfect combination of my two lovers, cat and leggings!
romwe cat design top dress shirt kitty cute kawaii fashion hot
Do you like this cat face print leggings?
You can find it here:

There are also many other style of cats face print in Romwe!
romwe cat design top dress shirt kitty cute kawaii fashion hot

My DODORA LIPCREAM GIVEAWAY ended a few days ago and just wanted to announce the lucky winner~

CONGRATULATIONS to Marrien Rose Magtoto Mendoza.

Gianne of DERMAXX will be the one to contact you regarding the prize.

Thank you everyone for joining!~


  1. Thank you so much for hosting our giveaway, Kat! More power to your blog! :*
    And thanks to everyone who joined! :)
    Please follow us on Instagram for more beauty and wellness products - @dermaxxph

  2. Das ist soo süß. Echt bezaubernd!

  3. cute cute cute


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