Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hello~! It took me awhile to review this product coz I'm a bit hesitant if I'm going to try it on other parts of my body besides my lips. But I was told by Gianne (one of the owner of Dermaxx) to just try it on my lips. And obviously, that's what I did for the past week. And no, I wasn't going to show my "other" parts to you either. lol.


I must say, I'm addicted to it! The product was sooo good that I only have to re-apply it once a day. Once before going to work and re-apply it after eating lunch. I don't have to worry if my lip shade will smudge on my lips or if it will transfer to my tumbler whatsoever. lol. I always wipe off my tumbler after drinking because of the lipstick. It is very annoying.

So besides the lip cream, I got this super cute note from the owner. She was so sweet and updated me all through out until I got my package. She also took a picture of the orders through instragram (dermaxxph) before shipping it out. It was so convenient!


The package also came with this ALL CHINESE characters instruction and ingredients. But no worries, the box is labelled in English. Another good thing is that it includes the expiration date. Mine would be on February 2016 as what's indicated on the box. Some products don't have expiration dates, and that honestly scares me.


As what I've said earlier, it was originally made for "other" body parts. One would be the nipples and the other would be your intimate area. But this can also be used on the lips. It can turn your dull lips to a very youthful pink shade that will also work as a pigment and whiten the specific area. Honestly, at first I didn't want to believe until I tried it on my lips. Then I started loving it.


One tube contains 15mL of the product. It would last about a month if you use it regularly. It contains Arbutin, and Collagen that are quite popular to makeups and skincare lately. Here's the list of the ingredients if you're really curious. hihi.

F21 28.1%
arbutin 0.2%
elestin 1.6%
collagen 1.5%
hyaluronic acid 1.2%
d.water 89.91%
fruit acids 1.8%
cetyl isooctanoate 0.7%
squalane 0.3%
peach extract 0.4%
propylparaben 0.16%
methylparaben 0.13%


The bulk is originally white as what you can see on the previous photo, but after you spread it, it dries out, and turns into a very pink shade that is almost like a lip tint. Maybe that's how the ingredients reacts to the skin? eerrrm.. not sure what specific ingredient though.


It is also quite hard to remove as it works like a lip stain unless you use a makeup remover to wipe it off. So you better put away any of your items that can be easily stained. 

By the way, it is only available in one shade.

without Dodora lip cream
with Dodora lip cream

So here you can see the difference between my dull lips and moisturized youthful lips with Dodora Lip cream

Overall, I like this product very much. It doesn't really give of much moisture on the lips, but considering my very dry lips it did help to lessen the chaps that I ALWAYS have during the evening. Also, I might include it in my very first monthly favorites this July! That's one of the series I'd like to start on this blog. Fingers crossed. :)

Now on to the giveaway! Dermaxx will be giving away another Dodora Lip cream to one lucky reader! All you have to do is to follow the steps on my raffle copter widget! :)


  1. Ooo this product seems really cool! I've been obsessed with lip tints recently and would love to try this! But only on the lips though lol. What if it stained your "other" areas >___<" ?!

  2. i really like the color :D

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  3. hmmm... this looks good and I'm quite interested how it was originally meant for. I am on the hunt for good lip gloss so this may be one good candidate. I should better look for this in the mall... if there's any. :)

  4. OMG! The packaging is so cute :) And I'm pretty much amazed how the color showed after... nice nice product! :)

  5. I can't thank you enough for the review, Kat! ;) Thank you for posting! I'm glad you liked it, I hope I could send you more of our products soon! More power to you! :*


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  7. Sumali ako sounds interesting hehe :P its a pretty pink shade <3

    ~ Punky Bunny xoxo

  8. Great Review. :) I joined your giveaway :))

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  9. This helps your product to lighten the lip? since mine was pink and now the dark.


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