Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TIPS: Four of the weirdest fashion trends – would you wear them?

Fashion trends come and go but some are more memorable than others, and not always for the right reasons. In the last couple of years, there has been a profusion of wacky and weird new trends, as designers try to push boundaries further than they probably should.

Here are just a handful of the weirdest fashion trends of the last few years, some of which have managed to stick around longer than anyone expected. Have you tried any of them?


Pyjama-like prints have been sneaking into our wardrobes for years without us noticing, but the trend has escalated in the last couple of years. Wearable smoking slippers have been spotted on celebrities like Sienna Miller, whilst Hollywood actress Jessica Alba even wore a full set of black silk polka-dot pyjamas on the red carpet. Meanwhile, designers in their dozens have been sending couture pyjama pants down the catwalks. Whilst most of us would appreciate the effort to make fashion more comfortable, not many would be comfortable wearing their pyjamas in public. Let’s hope this trend disappears soon!

In case you haven’t heard of them, flatforms are basically a flat shoe with a platform - for example, a sneaker or a sandal with a solid platform base. Worn by celebrities such as Elle Fanning at the Breaking Dawn premiere, flatforms are a trend that seems to be catching on. Obviously, flatforms are more comfortable if you have a fuller figure, are top-heavy or have recently had a breast enlargement, but most of us would rather throw on a pair of stilettos.

Knee-high boots with open toes

Championed by fashion designers such as Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld, who sent his models down the runway in bizarre boot-thong sandal hybrids, this look consists of baggy knee-high (or higher!) boots with open toes, usually worn with a knee-length skirt. Whilst shoe boots with open toes are edgy and flattering, we’re not sure the trend for wearing great big boots with your toes poking out will catch on.

Colour blocking

If you have a fashion dilemma, colour blocking will always be the solution given by stylists. Whether you need to create a slimmer silhouette or want to balance out your bottom half after breast enlargement surgery, colour blocking is the number one recommended remedy. Whilst it is an absolutely huge trend, colour blocking has divided fashion critics and fans. Stylists and designers love it, but colour blocking is giving some of us a headache. 


  1. Those are kinda weird but still a lot of people will wear it!!! =]

  2. "Knee-high boots with open toes": I'd love to see the high-heeled version of these. As flats, I wouldn't wear them, but if they had heels, maaaaybe...

  3. I like the flatforms and color blocking. As for color blocking, I didn't think it would make the list. I like the idea. Granted, the pics you posted were pretty much the loud kind of color blocking, but I think there are more subtle ways to do this without giving anyone a headache. I especially like the gray-green-brown combo, the last outfit in the pic.

    1. Ok, while bloglovin' hopping I chanced upon this post again, and you know what? I have something more to add :D

      There are worse trends right now, like cutouts and printed leggings.

  4. I love platforms, but the rest is all too 70s for me...I only wear black and white prints like Infinite in "Man in Love" lol. =)

  5. I love colorblocking and don't find it too "weird."


  6. I like the colour blocking trend, but it's important to pair together the right colours.

    I'm not really into "Knee-high boots with open toes". I don't really like it, but some other people might do.

  7. color blocking is nice and the platforms but the pajamas , well it'll depend :)


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