Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today, I want to show you one of my favorite shade of nail polish. It is from The Face Shop with GR501 code. It looks so cute from the bottle but it looks so much prettier when applied to the nails! It also looks good with black and silver polish. ^-^ I also used my all time favorite nail polish brand, Sansan (colorless & luxury black).

I've been trying to grow my nails again after convincing myself that short nails doesn't look good. Uh, yeah. I had to do that every time so I won't pick my nails constantly. I can't stop doing it. After growing my nails up to this point, I tend to pick it when my nail polish starts to chip. It was so annoying. T_T

So anyway, I've been posting a lot of giveaways recently. Join if you haven't. ^-^ I'm really happy that some shops are still interested to promote on my crappy blog... /phew Thank you for that.

That's all for today. Until my next post~! kisses~**


  1. Oh I really love the color of it! :))

    Miss Cielo

  2. I love mint green polishes! they are easy on the eye and it's perfect for summer ^_^

  3. Did you do the butterfly design yourself? It's so pretty ^^

  4. Wow, I love the color. It is so in right now. That's a cute butterfly too :) Thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. How long does it last before chipping?


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