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REVIEW: Hera UV Mist Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

Oh hai~! A week ago I received this HERA UV MIST CUSHION from TWOFACEMALL and I was really curious on how this product works considering it received a lot of awards already. So I really have high expectation from this. (fingers crossed)

Lately, I've been having a lot of breakouts and I was hunting for a replacement for my current foundation. My current foundie is very heavy and suggested for oily skin. Mine is currently dry and flake-y. I was hoping that foundation will still work even with multiple layers of moisturizers. (lol, but it didn't. it just made my skin worst)


Moving on... I tried my luck and got this HERA UV MIST CUSHION. And boy, I'm very surprised!


It's a bit on the expensive side ($51) but if you were to try this product, you might consider buying 10x more boxes. (haha)


It comes with a refill so you're like getting 2 items in one purchase.


The compact itself is almost twice as big as other pressed powders but it looks a lot expensive and classy in my opinion.


This is how it looks when you open it. It comes with a sponge and has a huge mirror. The sponge is quite different also. It doesn't pick up a lot of product but with this kind of formulation, it is the best sponge that you can use for it.


Everything is sealed and new. Every refill comes with a new sponge. So sanitizing isn't going to be your problem. You just throw the old one away! (hihi)


At first I thought the powder looks weird. It has those freaky holes on it. Then when I touched the product with the sponge, I was surprised. It was called cushion for nothing. It was literally a cushion!


It is actually a cushion soaked into the product. More like a liquid foundation. Not a powder! (okay?!) The only thing that worries me is how much product is soaked in that cushion. Will I be able to use it for more than a month? We'll see. I will update you on that. :D


Look how fluffy the cushion is... I'm not even exerting effort while doing this. :) It's just a bit hard to get the product to the sponge applicator but when you get the right amount of product on to the sponge, it is very easy to spread it on your face.


See, I told you. So many awards!


Obviously, most of you can't understand Korean characters. (ehem, like me) But these photos are pretty much self explanatory. It gives of 5 effects for the skin.

Product Description
 > Gives natural moisturized glowing skin. 
> Fine mineral clan water provides moisture. 
> Bright and clean brightening effect. 
> Cooling effect and low down 2 degrees of skin temperature. 
> Moisture puff absorbs moisture to provide quickly to skin. 
> 800,000 pores moisture cushion. 
> Double container to prevent outside temperature. 
> SPF50+, PA+++hera_uv_mist_cushion_spf_compact_review_swatch
I'll enumerate my oh-so-self-translation. (based from my experience)

> it works like a bbcream, very light and natural.

> works really well with oily skin especially dry skin!

Sun screen
> SPF50!!! This is the highest SPF I've seen so far from makeup

> it does help skin whiten. Particularly now that it's summer, this is on of my best product on hand.

> it has a semi-mint scent to it and I think it's one of the reasons why it has a cooling effect on the skin.


As a Beauty product developer, I consider this as one of the best developed face product. It has a very unique technology and was made very well.


How to Use:
1. Express natural look
After skin care use puff from the inward to outward.
* Use N line color.
2. Expresses perfect cover
After skin care, apply on face; re apply on top of T zone.
* Use C line color
3. Shimmering expression 
After skin care use puff to apply one whole face or after using N or C line, use shade 22 for T zone and cheek bone.
I was quite confused when I was choosing the shade, so what I did is get N21. But after writing this article, I realized there were 3 kinds of this compact. 

1. For natural look
2. Coverage
3. Shimmer

Let me show you my before and after pictures :)

Side by side comparison.


Here's my full face makeup. No concealer.

Since I got N21, I'm using the natural one. But I do think that it has the right amount of coverage.
I might consider buying another one after I finish this. But in C21. :) I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a very dry skin. It works so good! Also it is very comparable with BBcreams. So if you're into those kinds of stuff, you definitely wanna have this! :)

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What do you think about this product? Let me know in the comment box!
If you're interested to buy this product, you may view it here.


  1. very cool! no need to put on any concealer!

  2. The coverage looks nice, Kat! :)


  3. wow SPF 50+/PA +++ need this <3
    thanks for review

    btw, love your eyebrow,, so nice


  4. wow, this looks nice! Since you ordered this online, can I ask how they delivered this to you? Via mail (post snail mail) or courier that goes to your house (direct delivery) or via mail but you had to pick it up from post office and had to pay off a huge fee?

    1. they sent it to me through snail mail and i only paid P40 approx $1 for the tax :D

    2. also sells it too, i shop through them

  5. It's so fantastic, I'm totally impressed! : ) Nice! Great review! : )

  6. Interesting product and great spf. The packaging looks so sophisticated. It looks great on your skin :) Thanks for sharing ^_^

  7. Oh this product looks very nice. Has a nice package. The sponge looks like a cookie! Thans for you review!

  8. I've heard good reviews for some cushion-type cream. might as well try the IOPE one first :D

  9. i love this cushion thing!
    i never tried hera products but it must be good because of the price range >.<
    and love your eyebrow so much, please do a brow tutorial, Katrina ^^

  10. love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^

  11. Hey I was wondering where are you located? Are you from the PH? I wanted to order this through twofacemall but scared to get involved with the customs here.

  12. Hi! May I ask how long it took for the package to arrive to you? I am interested in purchasing from TwoFace Mall too :) Thanks!! ^^

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  14. i think the one you have is expired

  15. Does it keep you cool the whole day or just during application?

  16. it says 제조 which means it was made on that day. makeup is good for 30months after the day its made, and 18months after it is opened

  17. it says "cool vanilla" as its shade name
    would you say its more yellow or pink

  18. more on the yellow tone dear. :>

  19. yay! great. thank you for that information!

  20. just after application then fades in a while. :D


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