Saturday, May 18, 2013

Free Leggings on Instagram, 20 Pairs Everyday!

Here's a letter from ROMWE. I thought you might be interested to join :)

Can’t wait to share my excited and crazy looks with you!!!

Last days, my colleagues and I (a group of lovely and fashion girls) went out in Romwe leggings. Wow, we caught all the eyes of the passersby, haha!

We laughed, jump, ran…. So many crazy and amazing pics were shot, which was really an exciting and wonderful trying. We are the models for Romwe leggings! ; D

We also encourage our fans to take clear & creative photos, to share with people the beautiful moment of life in Romwe leggings in a better way, like doing sports, playing with animals, having food, traveling, etc.

So we hold an activity on our official Instagram, here is the TEXT:

Everyone is a super model!! We can show our feeling about clothes, life and love.
We should shout out!! Let others know our feeling.

Now ROMWE offers free leggings for those owners of creative photos, 20 pairs of free leggings everyday. You may don’t know how popular their leggings are!! It’s so hot!! Check out their Instagram

Check the contest (@romwe) you will know how to join:

How to win:
1, Take a photo in Romwe leggings
2, Post with @romwe #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I’m wearing Romwe leggings”  on Instagram
3, Locate your positions
4, Follow Romwe on Instagram

Here is the example:


  1. fabolous news dear :::
    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!
    ♥ Vendy ♥
    follow me on:
    The simple life of rich people blog

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