Wednesday, May 1, 2013



I totally forgot about my photodiary posts. I was drawn into fashion and beauty posts lately. In result to that, I have a lot of things from my instagram that I wanted to show you. And yes, mostly, FOOD. Because I like to eat... A LOT. This weight gaining is very fun. lol. And I think it's very effective. I'm no longer underweight. Yahoo! Before I'm struggling to hit 40 kilos, but now I'm 51 kilos! OMG. @.@ Here are the things that helped me gain weight. haha.

It's my first time to eat at Subspace located at Ortigas Pasig. But that's not my cake, it's for Qbee (a friend). I ordered Ham and cheese croissant co zit's my fave!

This is a gift from my mom. She was out with a friend and saw this bracelet and bought it for me. No it's not authentic. But it looks like one. hihi.

I'm starting to love wearing bracelets. These things make a lot of statement when worn with my outfits. I noticed that it's starting to pile up. So I moved it to a bigger container now.

I miss chichi. This is my cousins dog. They used to live here beside our house but they already moved so I won't be seeing this little thing everyday. :(

Biggest mango cake I've ever seen! I forgot where my cousin bought it but it's like icecream cake. It's so delicious!!! It has like 10 layers inside. haha

One of my childhood favorites. Well the first one is the gummybears then the worms lastly this one. Haha. It's so yummy!!!

Mustard bag that was given to me by my cousin. She got it from Bangkok. She always give me stuff whenever she goes out of the country T_T

Another huge thing in my instagram profile. lol. This pizza was bought by Qbee again as she was already a regular employee at our company. Yumeeh!

Shoeception with my friend Shayne. How I wish to have an iPhone. /android user

New shoes that I got from St.Francis. P280 only. ^-^

New makeup palettes from our company. I'm abusing the lip palette! hahaha!

I can't throw this away. I can't wear fake rings and necklaces. I'm acidic and I usually get allergies when wearing fake accessories. But this ring is so pretty. Because I made it myself. /lame self promotion. haha

This is my newest lens addiction. I got it from mukuchulens but sadly their shop is already closed. I'm more of large diameter now. It makes me look a lot younger. ^-^

My most worn watch and bracelets. I usually wear this at work. Our uniform is just plain black/maroon shirt and these accessories makes me look lively. haha

Me looking fresh in this photo. haha. I wish my hair color looks as good as this. Thanks to the filters! :))

Now I'm craving for pizza! T_T No thanks to myself! T_T Haha. I'll ask BF to by me some when he gets here! hihihi! Until next post! :)


  1. you changed your blog into pink again?!!! haha! yay! anyway, i love that mini burger! :)


  2. Oh my gooodd, hungryy.. I want that mini burger jelly
    Cute chichi and lovely bag :D


  3. Love your random photos! I miss the philippines!!!

  4. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed this post <3

  5. Lovely photos! Mango cake and pizza looks delish. I'm starting to look for bracelets to amp up my daily looks too! <3 And yo look gorgeous in the last pic :)

  6. my son loves that gummy mini burger! lol
    lovin the new layout ^_^

  7. Oh really lovely pics!
    The pizza looks delicious!

  8. Cute photos! I miss gummy burgers. One of my favorite treats :O

    Miss Cielo

  9. The food looks amazing and I love your hair colour very pretty x

  10. I just noticed you look like Ms. Camille co <3 Love all the accesories I guess your mom knows you so well <3

  11. I remember those burger gummies. They were my favorite when I was little.

  12. What Princess MiMi lenses did you pick up? I had the Choco Brown/Apple Green/Sesame Grey and loved them all! ( ´∀`)

  13. I'm loving this post so much! Those food pictures are seriously making me drool, and your puppy is BEYOND cute!
    Twitter: sensiblestylist


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