Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hi everyone~! If you already noticed, I have posted quite a few outfits that DOESN'T fit the spring season. You can't blame me, I don't own enough clothes to wear for such period. I have clothes that has more of the edgy feel to it. So obviously, I have most of them in black and dark colors that are not suitable for the current season. And because of that, I forced myself to stalk some stores from the internet.

I found these from a shop called MARTOFCHINA and was instantly fell in love with the store. The price range is very affordable and their collection is huge! You can shop for any season. I already have some things on my wishlist and I might get these soon! If I were to choose from these four... errrrm... can I just take them all?! LOL.

you may view the info of this bag here.
I love how classy and feminine this bag looks.
you may view the info of this top here.
I personally think that you can wear this top with anything.
you may view the info of this floral shorts here.
this is so adorable, the touch of flowers gave it a new spring-y look.

you may view the info of this shoes here.
this is one of my fave from all four.

How about you? Do you like to dress up for the season as well?
Let me know in the comment box! Until next post! :)


  1. Hey! you have a wonderful blog with beautiful pictures. I really like it.
    Would you like to follow eachother? just let me know :)

  2. I really like the bag and shirt:) They would look good on you^^

  3. I almost bought the lacy floral shorts. They are so cute !

  4. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Loved this blog post <3

  5. TRUE! I think women have evolved so much now. We used to be though of as the typical housewife who takes care of the home and does a good job of doing everything related to the family, especially the kids.. However, these days we're independent and we do everything! Well, all of the guys I dated were good cooks..I would usually tell them first hand that I don't. Lol Takes away the pressure. Lol.


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