Sunday, April 14, 2013


Me and 3 of my colleagues were asked (by the boss) to attend the Cosmetologie Expo last April 9, 2013. I was really excited since it will be my first time to attend such event. I've heard a lot of good stuff last expo and was really hoping that it would be better than the last one. I made sure that i bought my camera with me to share it with you.

We paid P100 for the entrance fee.

Entrance for the Cosmetologie Expo.
The very first stall is for Fanny Serrano. People lined up to take pictures with him.
Honestly, I thought the food was free. LOL. But it wasn't. Too bad.
The stage for the hair and makeup competition.
Wasn't expecting such visitors for the event.
BYS stall
some of the BYS products
Another nail art store, but I wasn't able to get the name. They're selling these stickers for 4 for P50 only.
Caronia's stall. Can't get through. So didn't have any chance of buying anything.
One of our favorite stall from the event. They sell NYX, Wetnwild and even Korean products. But everything was so expensive. I was expecting it to be cheaper. So again, didn't bought any.
I love this lipstick rack!
My friend almost bought one of the Wetnwild palette. But in the end we didn't bought any. LOL
More of the most loved products!
makeup brush sets!!
I was going to get the base and top coat of Seche Vite but we didn't go back to the event after eating lunch so I was not able to get them T_T
Le Couleur hair tools
Last photo for that day, Naked palette.
I have high hopes for this event. I even put effort to my attire. (I'll blog about that too) But I was a bit disappointed. They focused more on the competition and most of the stalls are almost empty. Like only giving out flyers to those who pass the stall. What the?! I need to see the actual product. Not the photo of the product! That's the main reason why we attended the event. To be able to see what's new and up for the season. But nothing's really new that day.

I'm was also planning to meet with Gellie and Aya but we got out too early and never had the chance to meet them. huhu (coz there's nothing much to do in there).

So I think that's all for this post. I hope the next cosmetology event will be better. How about you, did you attend the event too?


  1. Sayang I wasn't able to go! The nail stickers OMG! I want! Btw someone's selling fake Dolly Winks there!

  2. So many products! I prob would spend alot there hahahha

  3. Sayang nga. I wasn't able to go. I want the Nyx and Wet n' Wild stuff!

  4. I want the nail stickers and makeup brush set ><

  5. There were so much things !
    You were lucky ! Huhu ¨!

  6. The only thing I bought there was a nail polish from Kleancolors. But I'm praying na next year's would be just like last year's or even better. Hope to see you next time, Kat! :)

  7. Great photos! I probably would have bought soe NYX and Wet n Wild products from there.

  8. I want the nail stickers!!! I love it!! :)

  9. Wow really lovely stands a lot of makeup.

  10. The expo looks like tons of fun, so much to learn and love about makeup! Thank you for stopping by...hope your day is going well!

  11. seems you have a great time! I wish I could be there :)

  12. Much love,
    "Nice blog <3


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