Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello~! How's everybody doing? I'm really not feeling well today, but might as-well write a review to kill time. Today I'll be showing you one of the things I wrote from my wishlist. Circle lens. You might be wondering why the hell I wrote circle lens on my wishlist. I know it's a very common thing for most of you but for me this is one of the things that I really need for my daily life. Regardless of the design and all, I need a pair of these to be able to see clearly. This is a must for me. Yes, I do have glasses but it is not really comfortable when I'm out for work.

So anyway, this is how it looks like when worn.

  • I got this lens from
  • It is graded -5.00 for both lens
  • Geolica Cafe Series Mimi Grey
  • Lens usage: up to 1 year
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Manufacturer / Origin: South Korea
  • B.C.: 8.6mm
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • PRICE: $16/pair
 They have this in 6 different colors!

PACKAGING: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪ 4/5
First let us talk about the how the package looks like when it came to the mail. Honestly I never thought it was a lens when my dad gave it to me. I wondered like 20 seconds before I realized it was from Mukuchu. The packaging is the usual bubble envelop but this time the envelop was a lot slimmer than it used to be. It only contain this small box and the card. Quite neat I must say.

They also made sure that the GEO lens sticker and lens description are all located on the box. Perfectly sealed for the customer. I also noticed that there's an instruction on how to wear lenses on the inner side of the box.

I was really eying for this design for quite some time now. I haven't really tried wearing black circle lens before. Well I mean, this black. It was really a challenge for me since every time I see someone wearing lens like this, it is either it looks good or a total weirdness. Maybe because no one ever has pure black eyes. But this lens looks really good with eyeliner. If you don't wear any, it might slightly look weird.

This is what I really like about this lens. It has 15mm diameter, perfect for dolly looks. As what I have said earlier, it might look weird if you don't wear any make up especially liner. But it look extremely good if you're going to do a dolly inspired look. Like wearing lashes and eyeshadows. It will also make you look a lot younger. I don't know how that sounds, but these kind of lens really make you look younger with bigger iris. Okay to make it sound not weird (enough), remember the cat from Shriek? Whenever he makes the cute eyes, he looks like he's back to his kitten state. /lol. I think I made it a lot weirder

COMFORT: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪ 4/5
I started wearing it last week and since then I never switched back to my old lens. It is very comfortable. Doesn't hurt my eyes. Didn't gave me headaches like other brands did. The only thing i noticed is that people tend to look at me more and give me curious stares that made me very uncomfortable. /lol

OVERALL: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪ 4/5
I really like this lens. I got a lot of complements when wearing this. I would definitely get another pair when this expires. I would really recommend this to those who loves wearing makeup and eyeliner as what I've already said 1000000x earlier. If you're interested, you can buy this product at

So that is all for today! How about you, have you tried wearing this kind of lens? How was it? Let me know in the comment box!


  1. you looks super pretty ~~~♥♥
    The lens look so natural too.. Nice on you ^^

    Your eyebrow.. Love it ! ♥

  2. They're super gorgeous and you are too prettty ^^
    Like staph... >. < ♡

  3. ooh i like these, i may have to check out this site for circle lenses! i've been obsessing over different kinds lately.

  4. I'm sure that u hear this every day but u r very beautiful!
    And these lens look great on u!

  5. They look great! I really love contacts that enlarges your eyes, as it makes you look cute :)

  6. you look so flawless ! the contacts look good on you !
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  7. These are huge ^o^

  8. I always wanted to try those, someday I will ;)

    Visit my blog, The Gypsy Prince

  9. Ooh, super cute design! Looks good! ^^

  10. with or w/o lens, you're still pretty ^^ <3

  11. I really prefer products from Solution-lens because this shop is really the best now, never seen any customers service as quick as them and also the best online offer with Buy 2 Get 1 Free for every order, I loooooove it !!!

  12. Hi Miss Kat!

    Are you also nearsighted? My grade on both eyes is -5.00 too. I'm wondering where I can find cheap but quality contact lenses with prescription. I've never had one, but I'm really interested in trying since wearing glasses sometimes don't go well with my outfit. Thanks.

  13. Hello! I have recently bought two pairs of Geolica colored contact lenses from The Optical Shop. They were also for sale - PHp 1,200 for 2, and each pair can be used for a year. Currently I'm using Air Optix contacts that can be worn for 12-18 hours. So I don't have problems like dryness and irritation. I'm just worrying that Geolica contacts can't stay for long. The Optical Shop eye doctor advised me to apply eye drops when I feel dryness. What say you? Have you ever experienced dryness after wearing the lenses longer than six hours? I look forward to your response. Here's my blog post:


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