Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hello~! Anyone of you seen this product yet? Sansan came up with this new product called Foundation Cream that is packed with Vitamin A, C & E. At first I thought it was a bbcream placed in this unique packaging. I must say, it was really clever. They made sure that the sponge is stored away from the cream for hygienic purposes.

I also liked how they presented the cream with white swirls. Very creative.

It is sold for P160.00 (approximately $4).

Here are the ingredients. I'm not sure if you can still read it in this photo. The light washes it out.

Another plus for this foundation is the SPF. It has SPF 15 and Arbutin. Honestly, it was the first time I heard of Arbutin. But I did some research about it. It was know as a skin-lightening ingredient. It can be found in wheat and concentrated in pear skin.  Oh thanks Wikipedia. ^-^

This is what I'm talking about earlier. The sponge is placed on top of the jar's lid.

Net wt. is 0.53 oz. / 15g I think it's standard for pressed powders and foundations. But it would be better if they added a little bit more coz it is considered as liquid. And you use more of these products than powdered ones if we're talking about application. /well that's my observation

Anyone of you noticed your makeup /especially lipsticks with moisture like this on the photo? I am really curious about it. I cannot find any answer on the internet. I'm not sure if it is a good or a bad sign for makeup. Please let me know in the comment box if you have any idea.. ^^

I have tried swiping the sponge several times on the cream and hoping the swirl will blend with the foundation. But as you can see on the photo, it didn't. It stayed that way but the foundation left a thin covering on top of the white swirl.

I swatched it on my arm and got disappointed. Sorry Sansan but this shade doesn't match my skin tone. I was really excited about this. I even tried scrapping the foundation and white swirl to combine it together, hoping it will create a lighter shade but it didn't. The shade that you see on the packaging is the same shade you'll be getting when you apply it on your face. And it was too orange for my skin. I have yellow undertone and this product fits warm undertones.

The product doesn't have any oil control formula so I don't recommend this to those who already have oily skin. This product tend to produce moisture to prevent your skin from getting dry. Well that's a plus for dry skin! It is also in medium to heavy coverage. Coz it's quite thick considering it is cream based foundation.

Overall, this product is perfect for those who have dry skin who clearly needs a lot of vitamins to freshen it up a bit. Also if you are fair and still want to try this product,  I suggest you combine it with your existing liquid foundation to lighten it a bit. Plus you're getting the vitamins and serves as your sunscreen too! /that's what I'm doing now ^^

That's all for today! I hope you liked this review. Until next post! Ciao~!


  1. oh my god, the pattern is so cute, it makes me don;t want to mess it up, lol
    nice review darliiing x))


  2. I got excited about this product because the packaging and the swirly design look so cute, but overall it doesn't seem like such a good foundation for my skin :( Thanks for the review!

  3. Good review and nice pictures! Sad that the shade doesn't match for you!

  4. Aba, sosyal na ang san san. Never thought that pinoy brands would come up with something like that. Looks good!

  5. The packaging is so cute ^-^ the shade could be lighter tho, my skin is very pale!

  6. thanks for sharing and great review!

  7. Thanks for the review! You saved me! I was already tempted to buy this but good thing I read your review. I have oily skin skin so this is a no-no.

  8. It looks so cute and I think it would be great for my dry and sensitive skin ;)

  9. Thanks for the review! I always wanted to get this since hearing about its release on December 2012. But what kept me from purchasing was that the SA said it was for dry to normal skin, and the effect is whitening. So I went for the BB Cream nalang. I was drooling over this product while reading your review, but I must restrain the purchase hehe =)

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