Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hi~! I was suppose to post a preview of my new laptop today but I feel like sharing you my new wallet. This was clearly one of the things I got because of impulse buying. I will never buy P3,200 worth of wallet for myself. It was never planned! If you're following me on twitter, I did post a photo of my newly purchased tomato wallet. But now it's sitting in my cabinet. Poor one. But no, I won't give it to anyone. I'll just keep it until my coach wallet wears out. wahaha.

I even bought another one for my mom, same brand but in different color and design. Same price of P3,200. Now I have reason to save money again, coz I'm LITERALLY broke. BTW, I bought this wallet because it reminds me of my so-called LUCKY that my mom gave me when I was still in high school. It's really dirty and cannot be washed. It has white exterior and hot pink interior like this one!

Oh and the funny thing is, I do have an expensive wallet but it doesn't have any money. T_T Can someone please tell me how to avoid impulse buying?! Please?! It's not even funny anymore. T_T


  1. Oh this wallet is great :D It's really weird that I love to buy exensive wallets but then I don't have money to keep it in my wallet -_-
    Ah , it's impossible for a girl not to shop while having money :D But we all should try!!

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. I'm an impulsive buyer too. I have this Guess wallet I bought just late December and I haven't been using it at all. Grrr. What I do now is just bring enough money with me for transpo and lunch (at work) and may extra pocket money lang for emergency purposes but I don't use it ever. As in emergency lang. Then I leave all my cards at home. LOL

  3. very cool :)

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  4. Very cute wallet!

  5. I already did too many impulse purchases and have had many problems with it. ahaha
    But I got better, I started to go out without my credit cards and only take cash. Only use cards for emergencies or when I know I really need them. You should try it! :D

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  7. it's nice to reward ourselves once in awhile :)

  8. Ang ganda ng wallet mo, sis! Usually I dont like Coach but this one is nice :) I love the colors pati.

  9. Ooh, that's a cute wallet! >w<
    Ahh, I hate impulse buying!! -.-
    I guess you have to fight it with your will....? I don't know. ._.


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