Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello~! Here are some of the photos from my instagram. Recently, instagram made their app available on the internet. So everyone can also view their profile on the net. You can view mine here: I'm not really sure why I'm still doing this photo diary if you can view the same photos on the instagram site. LOL. Anyhoo, I'm still gonna continue this.. hihi.

Lippies that I got from my aunt. Mostly from ELF and WetnWild.
It's been months since I got them but I haven't used one yet XD

Here's a shot from my nail polish rack :)
I own a lot of local branded polishes. XD
My favorite local brand is Sansan and Caronia.

Limited product from Natasha Philippines.
It comes in a set. I might do a review about it too :)

Messy hair. My hair got all dry and frizzy after hair coloring.
It was so disappointing. I can't comb my hair when it's wet.
I need to let it dry first to be able to comb it nicely. T_T

I got these kiddie candies and chocolates from my mom, during halloween.
That's not even half of what she gave me XD

Frappes with boyfie :)

Lightest sandals that I got from Natasha Philippines.

Random lippies we're evaluating for work XD

Looking at this makes me hungry. T_T

Yumyumyum! This makes me want to go to Starbucks NOW! XD


  1. maybe u should try bubble hair coloring next time.. it won't harm ur hair :)

  2. ooo I want to see your entire nail polish rack!!

  3. I wish I could steal the nail polish rack haha. My stomach wants some food after this post haha :D

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. dayum. Seeing all of this makes me want to bet for a makeup/polish collection post, but I'm not going to be demanding haha. Thanks for sharing Kat~ more power to ya!

    Ada no Nikki

  5. So much nail polish *o* those chocolate!! <3 thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. nail polish tips :( my caronia dried fast :*(

  7. lovely photos!

  8. love chocolates too.. and my fave nail polish.. caronia =)

  9. I love your nail polish rack! Oh! And I have the same liplicious lippie!!! ^__^


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