Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hello~! It's a beautiful day! I have so many stuff I wanna talk about in this post. If you're not into personal post, you're free to exit this blog. After all, this is my blog. I can write "anything" I want. (if you're living here in the Philippines, you'll get what I mean) Recently in facebook, people are changing their profile picture to all black image to support the fight against the Cyber Crime Law. There are lots of issues about this law that I don't wanna even talk about  >.<

To make the story short, people will not be able to write FREELY on the internet. They can be sued if they talked about something or someone that is faulty. I think it has it's pros for some other people but for a blogger like me, I think it has a lot of cons. :/ It's not that I will do something bad on the internet. It's just that I'll be controlling the things I want to say, which I personally think can really affect my writing. I heard, China blocked Facebook, Youtube and other social network when they had this kind of Law. (please correct me if I'm wrong, I heard it from my cousins and some friends) I don't want to experience that. Almost half of my life I spend on those things. I'm not ready to give it all up. (lol. got attached) I'm not saying that they're going to block those sites, I'm just thinking of the things that might happen.

Honestly, I think I'm biased (just because I'm a blogger) But if we're going to think about the pros, the only thing that I can think of is that; ONLY those people who HAVE the money can SUE those who write or talk bad things against them. In reality, I won't waste such money if people talk bad things against me on the internet. You can't really control that. How are you going to control those people outside the country? I would just spend my money and time to something more important. I think I need to study the law thoroughly before I say anything else that would harm myself. (lol) If you have anything to say about this, please let me know in the comment box. I would gladly accept your insights. Please educate me XD

Okay, I'm totally exaggerating. I don't want to be sued just by writing this post. (kidding) Let's get on with the good things now... Again, sorry about the quality of these photos. These are the exact same photos I posted on instagram. So the quality isn't really that good.

 #1: Believe me or not, this is just a photo shoot set. These things are not even there when we arrived. The production team made it all up. Those gift are not even real. (lol)

 #2: This is a bubble bath that I need to test out for the sake of work. XD (I'm like a guinea pig) 

 #3: This is what I see everyday on my work area. My cute little tea cup note pad that I don't really use (just for decoration), my bamboo pen stand, some heart shaped paper clips that I made (I learned it from the internet) and my blinged-out usb cord extension.

 #4: Another product that we're developing for Natasha Beauty. You people should really check out Natasha products! I'll sure to post reviews so you can see how amazing these products works. (lol. Lame self-advertising) 

 #5: This is the watch that I recently reviewed here. It's really one of the best purchase I made this year.

 #6: Meet Chi-chi! My cousins puppy. She is so adorable. I like it when she lays flat on the floor. She looks like a rag. (lol) Can you even see her here? She's using her camouflage skill. haha

 #7: As promised, here's another item that I blinged-out. This speaker originally has a matte texture (you can see the before photo here), but after a good 2 years, the coating got melted and made it all sticky. (it picks up a lot of dirt too) So I blinged it! :D

 #8: I dunno if I blogged about this already, but I sure did repost this on instagram. It's tooo cute! That morning my mom made me a coffee. I got some toothpick and tried popping bubbles until I got this uber cute smiling face. This totally made my day!

 #9: I took this photo right after preparing the brassier for the photo shoot. I did my very best to match the accessories with the undergarments. (feeling stylist) 

#10: These are not even the half of Natasha's accessories collection. I always like to play with it during the photo shoot. XD 

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have anything you want to say or ask, please don't hesitate to leave it in the comment box. Until next post! :)


  1. such a pity that the presents weren't real >D
    btw amazing pics.

  2. Aw you've got such an adorable blog. It's quite cute and girly, like it!

  3. cool photos:)

  4. yay beautiful guinea pig.ahaha..lovely photos

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  7. I totally AGREE WITH YOU!! And Chi Chi is SO STINKIN CUTE!!! <3

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