Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Stuff in the Mail

Hello~! It's time for another photo diary entry. :D /just because I cannot make reviews for this damn boring blog of mine. haha. I will flood you with my personal posts. bwahahaha! /evil laugh These were posted on instagram last August and I totally forgot about posting it on blog. It's because I recently got addicted into reading wattpad books. I finished some vampire books there already and still finding the best one to read next. So going back to my photo diary, I've collected these and cannot think of any title. I ended up naming it after the first photo. /hehe.

1#: going to post the review of these packages soon. XD

2#: my most favorite buko shake! heard of buko juan? have you tried it yet?

3#: I started playing guitar again. this isn't mine, I borrowed it from my cousin. My guitar is already broken :(

4#: sexy back of my cousins while cooking our dinner XD

5#: my boyfriend's mom gave these to me. all so comfy :D

6#: insta snack before I go to sleep :) yakult's my fave.

7#: pens and other stuff on my office desk. :)

8#: distributing samples of testing and evaluation. perks of being a product developer XD

9#: bought me and boyfriends socks from zalora. I also ordered a pair of doll shoes for a friend, but their size 7 was so huge, almost like size 8. the shoes came in almost 2 weeks later than the socks. I returned it through xend express and until now, no reply from zalora. I was really disappointed.

10#: meet teddy. my office desktop buddy. hihih :)

well that's all for today. i hope you enjoyed this post :D


  1. Lovely ^__^ I didn't knew you played guitar?;o
    I also want to try it, I found a guitar since my father played guitar n.n

  2. Hey doll, I'm holding an awesome giveaway at the moment, please join ;]

  3. Oh awesome! I looove getting things in the mail xD
    And wow you play the guitar! I've always wanted to play that or the bass guitar but my teacher actually said my nail beds were too long so I was just not meant for it T^T

    1. aww. sad to hear that dear. maybe you're meant for something much more special :)

  4. nice photos! its great that you're playing guitar!

  5. Great photos! I want to learn how to play guitar too but my fingers are so short:(

  6. hi missy! i remember you on blogger like 3 years ago and i was one of your first followers! hehe. i stopped blogging for a really long time. o_o but here i am again. and i just wanted to say hi! ^_^ i love your instagram photos! i should follow you on instagram! haha! anyway, have a great day!

    - melissa


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