Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Face Shop PP408 Nail Polish

Oh, Good morning! It's 7am here in the Philippines and I'm still sleepy! Anyway, I haven't been posting anything about my nails lately. And it's because I'm having a hard time controlling myself not to bite them. /ssssheeeezzzz These photos was actually photographed during the 1st week of August. My nails changed a lot since then, it's all because of my urge to bite them. /whatever I have super short nails again. Well actually, I'm not literally biting them. What I do is pick my nails with my other hand, especially when I feel something sharp on any part of it. I just can't stand it! I have to remove it whatever it takes. /that's the feeling I just can't stop. :( Any advice for this? I might make another blog post for my before and after nails when I'm not too shy showing to you my super ugly nails :(

So today, I have to do this to inspire myself to grow my nails again. I fell in-love with pastel colors. Especially this purple-ish pastel tone that made my nails looks like candy XD I actually have this exact shade on my nails now.

I wanted to show you the actual shade without the filters so I added a small inset for you to see :D

I also added some nail stickers to make it look a lot prettier. 

I applied the stickers on my thumb and ring finger then added a coat of clear polish to seal the design.

It looks very elegant and fresh at the same time. right?

The brush of The Face Shop polishes are quite big for regular Filipina nails. But I think it's much better for application. It glides so smooth. No problems /whatsoever with this bottle of polish since the day I bought it. Believe me it's been a year since I got this bottle of polish. And I can still use it.

That's all for today! I hope you like this short post, I will do my best to post something every other day! :D
What's on your nails right now? :)


  1. Lovely shade and I love the design with this delicate flower sticker. Very pretty!

    1. it's one of my favorites. and i do wear it a lot lately. even if it's chipped off, i'd clean my nails again and apply the same shade. hehehe.

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog by chance and I love it! So now you have a new follower.

    I invite you to visit my blog and if you like I'll be happy to follow me also.

    a hug

  3. I'm loving pastels too!!!!! And this is such a cute shade! I used to bite my nails too! ANd I somehow managed to stop hahaha i think its cause I'm vain and want pretty nails :3

  4. That color is so pretty . Love it (:

  5. That color is so pretty . Love it (:


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