Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainy Season Haul

Hi!~ I stock up on some of my daily essentials again. But I bought more than what I needed. /oh no, I did it again! Firstly, these nail polishes are not on my list. Just the acetone. /lol fail budgeting. I didn't even realize that it was 10% off until the cashier lady told me so. /haha. imagine how big my smile when I heard it. So I got these OMG Oh My Golly Nail Colors for P16.00 instead of P18.00 each. Oh, we usually buy our groceries at Ever Gotesco, everything is way more cheaper!

Then I got these super cute compressed EVERYTHING from the department store. /haha. china is so clever. I never planned to buy any of these, but I cannot resist! I thought of showing how this works on my youtube channel XD I cannot remember how much I got these, but I'm pretty sure each one costs less than a hundred. The rectangular one is a Compressed Mask (10pcs), then Compressed Towel (6 pcs), lastly Cosmetic Cotton. Can you believe it? It say's that it contains 80 pcs. @_@ I am super excited to try these out!

I also got this super girly Oil Control Film, I'm using Clean and Clear but this is too cute to pass on. I'm also trying out Olay Natural White All in one Fairness Day Cream, I use it as my makeup base and so far it works really well. /well see. 1 more week before I make a review. I also got my 3rd Nichido Liquid Eyeliner. This one was my favorite. I'm not sure if I have a review of this. But the only thing I don't like about this product is when I'm removing it. I always have panda eyes. :( The last item on this photo are 4pcs of makeup sponges. I'm still not sure where to use it though. /hehe

And these were the only things that are originally on my shopping list! /well, plus the acetone. I bought too much. Mini rounded loofah, Tickle Buds, first time to try Sunsilk Co-creations Straight Lock, got this Palmolive soap for free and lastly, refill of my PH Care wash.

I'm officially broke T_T /huhu. Well, that's all for today! Have you seen those china thingy anywhere? Let me know in the comment box! :D


  1. I've never tried an OMG nail polish work, lest even heard of it. so how does it work? :)

  2. is nichido liquid eyeliner really that good? i am planning to buy a liquid eyeliner but i don't know what brand. i am thinking of the face shop but i think it's more pricey. how much does nichido costs? and what do you use for the lower lashline and waterline? :)

    1. and also, i am waiting for your review about olay, i am using it also. :)

    2. Hi judy, I'm using Prestige pencil eyeliner for my lower lash line and waterline. Nichido works nice on the upper lid. smudges/melts when on the lower lash.i think they changed their formulation, i bought one coz i thought mine's expired. then when i opened the new liner, it hurts my eyes really bad. I need to wash it off instantly after I applied it. im not sure if the same thing happened to other people but i won't buy another one anymore. I got it for P68.00 as I can remember. you might want to buy it just for the brush, it's amazing and very thin.

  3. Hahaha I feel you! And I want those compressed thingies too! I wonder where I can get them. I usually just shop at SM and Trinoma. Hope I can find some :)

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