Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me Being OC

Hi!~ So It's been a week since I posted my last diary entry. I collected enough photos from instagram for today's post. :) Three of my cousins slept here for 2 consecutive nights since saturday. We watched a lot of horror movies! Well, I'm not really watching it seriously. Sometimes I glanced on it for a while then back to what I'm reading. It doesn't matter, I'e watched the movies already. I wanted them to watch it too. Get scared and take advantage of teasing them before going to sleep. /hahahaha. 

Oh, I'm back to reading from Wattpad again. I'm stuck with Vampire Romance for the second time. I'm not into Twilight, I dunno why. But I love True Blood. Maybe I like something with a bit touch of creepiness. Anyway, lemme start to what I've been posting from instagram. /btw, I didn't like the new instagram.

#1: this photo was taken when I'm folding all my shirts to fit this poor drawer. /it got broke after a week of all this load. :( So I eventually removed everything from this drawer and put it back to it's original place. /sigh

#2: this is very exciting! I made this mock-up for Natasha Beauty and Sketches. We're developing these lip palette and eye palette that will be launched by November-December. /if i'm not mistaken. So this is a sneak peak for all of you! :D

#3: and yes, I did cut my bangs again. :)

#4: this is one of our job as marketing staff. we're assigned to chat on every inquiries at website. Sometimes it's fun helping out people, but it gets really annoying when they talk nonsense and even make fun of you. /boo.

#5: I posted my haul for this. you can read it here:

#6: I saw this stand of real flowers while we're at the grocery store waiting for my mom. I took some photos and use photowonder to put this up. :) /super pretty right?

#7: NOTD Nails of THAT day :D I used my OMG nail polish in Mojito, very similar to Sansan Sea Green.

#8: this was given to me by my mom. I never have a sporty shirt that can match my supra shoes. this will be perfect. :)

#9: I arranged my makeup again, and these are the things I use for everyday. Products change everyday, depending on my mood.

#10: I  cleaned my brushes! These are the brushes I use everyday. :)

That's all for today! Thank you for reading! :) I'll be posting more of these soon :D I promise that!
So, how's your long weekend? :D


  1. Great pics! Wow, that drawer! I wish I was as neat as that, that looks awesome! Too bad it didn't last though :/

    1. yep, the drawer fell off when I opened it. :( it got stuck and I needed the help of my dad to fix it. :(

  2. Have you read The Vampire Chronicles yet? :D

    1. actually that's next on my list! XD thank you for reminding me. hehehe :D

  3. I thought my closet was neat...You should come organize my drawers lol...cute post.

  4. I love the method that you use to put your t-shirt in the wardrobe...
    very good idea....
    big kiss doll

  5. I also have posts about the OMG polish. Your so neat. XD


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