Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dressupurnails Contest Winners

Since I cannot got to work today, /due to the bad weather. I planned to make multiple drafts of posts the whole day. Our dressupurnails contest ended last August 4, 2012. And I got 7 photo entries and 171 rafflecopter entries. Not bad for my first nail art contest. /hehe I was so impressed with the entries you sent me. And I am so happy that you really gave an effort for this contest. I was really worried, thinking that no one will join.

Anyway, thank you for those who submitted their entries. You did a very good job! Here are the entries I've collected from the contest. :)

lie-ying ng, Romantic Lace Nude

 Judy Ann Chio Doronila, Pure Mint Lace

  Ayana Grace Sison, Butterfly

 Joan tumlos, Khaki Victoria

 Melda Mae Marcos, Romantic Lace Nude

Sherrie How, Romantic Lace Nude

Breena Reubee Estillore, Snow Pink

Here are the winners!

1st winner was chosen by me, 2nd by Jessie (owner of dressupurnails) and 3rd was randomly selected by rafflecopter. I chose the first one coz it so simply made yet very lovely. :)

Again, thank you for all who submitted their entries! I will try to come up with another contest again soon. In the mean time, you can join my other giveaways. You can check it on my sidebar. :)

Have a nice day everyone! :D


  1. what lovely that i've won , thankyou kat ^^!

    1. Thank you again :), and should i mail you my adress?

  2. Amazing entries, sooo pretty! Wow <3


  3. Lovely entries and great giveaway! :)

    - E <3

  4. congratulations to all the winners! :)

  5. Great blog :)

  6. Hi!
    I’ve just found your lovely blog, awesome nails!
    I’d love you to take a look at mine and let me know what you think ;)
    Kisses from Spain,


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