Friday, July 27, 2012

We have a Winnner!

Before anything else, I am so sleepy but scared at this very moment!!! Why? I'm all alone in our so-called haunted office. wtf. How am I suppose to run when I see something?! Actually, i already saw and felt them the first time I was alone, same situation. That's why I'm freakin' scared right now. No dejavu please. aaaaahhhh! Maybe I'll share it to you next time. I thought of blogging to forget my coward-ness but why the hell am i still talking about this scary stuff. Uhg. It's getting worst. T_T I don't care if it's 8:00am in the morning! It doesn't matter if you're alone! And like someone else is watching you! F*ck T_T ok, Sorry.

Okay, okay, back to the main objective of this post >.<
Dobbe Sumalinog

You'll be receiving an email from Smile Brilliant. 
If the she didn't respond within 48 hours, we'll be chosing another winner. Again, congratulations! Sorry for those who didn't win this time. I have 3 more on going giveaways. If you're interested to join, click the links here:

That's all for today! I need to battle with my coward-ness again. LOLOLOLOL... 
Are you as coward as me? LOL. What a dumb question.


  1. Hello, just stopping by and thought to introduce my blog:) I share my opinions about high and low fashion with snap shots about Japanese people's fashion. I hope you stop by and follow my blog;) Thanks for your time!

    Little K.

  2. Congrats!!!!!! :)

    I wish you a beautiful day!


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