Friday, July 20, 2012

Mini Haul

I have been wearing my silver necklace since November last year. My mom was the once who usually clean it up with silver cleaner. Well it's part of her hobby. But one time, she accidentally broke it. I was so depressed. I have too many good memories with it. It wasn't given to me or what. I bought it for myself and thought of buying different pendants to collect. I can't scold my mom!

In the end, I bought a new one! I'm a sucker for cheap finds. When I say cheap, I meant affordable but in good quality. I bought this necklace from Just Gift. It's so cheap! Less than P300 as I can remember. Pendant not included.

I also got this pill box. That has 28 slots. I'm planning to use it for my pearls and rhinestones. But after opening, I found out that it doesn't close well. Like it has a gap on every lid. I'm very disappointed. I can't use it for my ultra tiny rhinestones T_T It will eventually come out of the container and make a big mess! So to make the story short, I just used it for my daily vitamins :/
Last two things I got.. this cute tool storage box and my tiny bin for my room. I'm using the box for my deco supplies like rhinestone glue and some sticks for making deco. It's the right size! Very handy! I was also surprised with the tiny pink bin that I got. If I detach the lip from the container, I can use it as a basket. It has handles inside. So freakin' cool! haha. 
That's all for today! I just want to share it to all of you. Oh, I got every item for $2 each except for the necklace. Everything is so cheap. Before I forgot, I got the containers from Japan Home Store. :)

How about you? Do you love shopping at Japanese stores? :D


  1. I love storage boxes. They help a lot in organizing my daughter's toys and my accessories! :)

  2. lovely blog!
    I'm your follower n.2412 , follow my blog?

  3. $2 each! WOW what a great deal! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  4. I have the same trash bin in green! I really like it! :D I can easily throw the trash inside and hold it like a real basket :D

  5. The pendant is really cute. I got the container with the handle too from Daiso.

  6. Love your hauls! It's too bad about the pill case thing :( Would have been handy to put your rhinestones in. Lovely necklace, sorry about the one your mommy accidentally ruined! xD And japan stores ftw! So cheap and pretty good quality esp for the price. I love that pink bin!! i want it so cute :D

  7. i love japanese stores as well.. me and my sister went to daiso for a good 30minutes, just looking around the other day. in the end, we didn't buy anything. we don't want to buy out of impulse ulit like we always do when we are in any jap 88 stores. too many cute stuff there kasi. HAHAHA :P

  8. I am making my personalized storage boxes made from shoe boxes. It quite cool as well but can easily be destroyed.hehe

    Your is very creative! Thanks for sharing:)


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