Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Heels Rant

Hi dolls! I hope you liked my new layout. I changed it AGAIN! wahaha :)) I added my face on the sidebar again >.< I just thought that particular photo of me looks so fresh! hihihi :D

I'm being lazy with my blog again. Yup yup, what's new about that?! Haha. I even accept guest posts to cover up my laziness. Pwahaha! 

I finally collected photos from my instagram account! And I'm not happy with it. :/ Even in instagram, I've been lazy. Huhu. The photos for this journal entry is to outdated >.< Posted this like a month ago?! I can't even remember! What can I do?! I love my work, but I love blogging too! I will try my very best for both sides! I can't sacrifice any of the two!

#1: The first photo was taken when we when to Little Quiapo for lunch with my family. The pretty girl beside me is my cousin Issa.

#2: I downloaded another photo app again. But I'm using it very often. I think it's photogrid. I tried it with my pink lens that supposed to be used for my review. I forgot to use it though. hehe.

#3: To be honest, this photo is soo outdated. I was just craving and decided to spread it all over instagram, so people will crave too. Hahaha. I think after seeing this photo, you're craving too?! ;p

#4: Meet Denise. I used to take photos of her when she's still around a year old. :D Now she's turning 5. And I'm getting old. T_T She's so adorable and smart. As you can see, she love it when you're taking pictures of her. Ayaw paawat. Partida, bagong gising pa yan.

#5: My first Barry M nail paint! :D Jaaamieboutique granted my wish to have one! Yeaaaaahhhh! @_@

#6: Sneak peek of my next lens review! Yiheeee! :D

#7: Believe me these are t-shirts! I found these when we attended the Graphic Expo at SMX Convention last June.

#8: I wanted to try 4" wedges since....I became so tall!  I'm 5'6" or I think 5"7 now, and I can't wear anything with heels. It's sad. I want to wear one in public but many NEGATIVE people have the guts to tell me that I'm too tall to wear heels. The worst thing is, even if they're not talking, their stare hits me like K.O. punch of Manny Pacqiao. WTF. What's wrong with you people?! What's the logic with that?! So you mean only girls with less than 5" height can wear them?! How will you explain size 9-10 / 39-40 with girls with height lower than 5"?! Why the hell they're going to sell shoes with those sizes?! Oh well, starting now. I don't care any more. I can wear whatever I want. Bwahahahha!!

#9: Photo shoot of Natasha Style Coach for July-August. Carnival themed! :) My colleagues really did a very good job! :D

#10: Very careless with my hairy hands. Pwahahaha. :)) Got a small bruise after going to the rest room. I accidentally hit the door lock with my bare hands. Haha. Blame it all to my reflexes!

#11: Until now, we're still figuring out what to name this perfume!!! OMG.

#12: FOTD when OTW to Lian, Batangas for our company's team building. Photos of the event will be posted soon. Don't worry :D

#13: I finally experienced riding this freakin' little boat. Hahaha. I dunno what to call it. Educate me! ;p

Well, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed my photo journal entry. For me this was the most exciting photo journal entry since I started making one. Or maybe I just changed. I'm not your typical cutie-cute type of blogger. Who doesn't say anything negative or what. I'm much more expressive now. And make sure that everything I write in this blog is true and very ME. Which most of the bloggers forget. I hope I'm not pushing you away. But I will understand if you're not liking the new me. Please let me know what you have in mind. Comment! :D


  1. hey kat,

    I got your point regarding the height-heels thingy! We're on the same shoe' i hate it when people told me to not wear high heels coz' I'm tall already. >.<


  2. ahaha tall people pains :p
    i still get made fun of when im wearing heels/wedges cause i'm still shorter than most my friends -.- im like 5"1 but i have trouble finding heels, well just shoes in general hard, im like EU35? malaysia/china/taiwan size is 36 its a pain in the butt living in Australia if they do have my size then its like ugly shoes >>

  3. Haha I always find looking through old photos to be nostalgic. This was almost like a one-post recap of your life recently so it served a dual purpose I suppose :P Good thing you weren't particularly lazy enough not to post hahaha.

    Personally I don't see any problem with taller girls wearing heels. In fact, I view girls who do that as more modelesque and they look like they carry themselves better and with more confidence LOL.

    I think it just makes other people more wary of their own insecurities; that or they're sincerely worried because from their vantage point, you might look like you'd be teetering on stilts, but of course, as us girls are used to heels by now, that isn't the case.

    I'm actually really short, just a mere 5 feet tall and you know what? People STILL give me smack about wearing heels. You really can't please everyone, so might as well please yourself right? haha

    Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed reading this :P


  4. i love your contacts! and sushi!? ahhhh that looks sooooo good! and it's okay to be lazy on blogging once in a while. the point is to have fun with it :]

  5. 'Yung boat "kayak" ang tawag dun :)

  6. wow! i love the pink lenses! and I wish I had a job like yours. You seem like you enjoy your work.. haay..

    anyway, be careful so you wont gut physically hurt next time :)


  7. the pink lenses look great on you <3 i would love to try pink too hehe, un lalagyan i like it so much as in, i will remake it lol joke hehe :P cant wait for the next review of the new lenses :D btw ur not alone i have same hairy hands wahahaha :)) the boat is called kayak i think hehe ;) 1 week na ako d ng u update ng blog, dyos ko po >,< at hindi narin ako nkknood ng Fairy Tail T3T

    1. yes yes! gawa ka remake! :D hair hands talaga e no. ang creepy db pag girl wahahahaha :))))

    2. lolz cguro nga creepy pero wan ko sa bf ko ahaha mukang ok ln nmn sa kanya xD i never thought to remove it coz it might grow out worse >,<

  8. I like all the pictures!!!


    Please follow and comment that would make my day!! :)

  9. Love this entry! The contacts look great and the sushi looks delicious!


  10. Hey, great blog! You are SO pretty! I love reading Philippine blog's because I'm half Philippine!

    - Keyta x


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