Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to get the 90s look

The 1990s still feels fairly recent for many of us, who may have fond memories of the Britpop era, the Spice Girls and recording the Top 40 on cassette tapes.
Of course, things move quickly in the fashion world, and it seems that even the 90s now qualify as ‘retro’ – and with this wave of nostalgia sweeping the catwalks and high streets alike, we can expect to see all of the decade’s most iconic clothing pieces in the shops, including grungy band t-shirts, baggy jeans, platform shoes and crop-tops.
Whether you’ve been invited to a 90s-themed party or simply want to add a bit of a retro feel to your wardrobe, there’s no better place to start your search than the internet. Online auction sites are full of great 90s pieces, as are second-hand vintage stores, where you’re sure to dig up a few hidden gems. To stay on-trend, look out for bodycon dresses, high-waisted denim shorts, well-worn Doc Martens and slouchy neon tie-dye tops.
As with any decade, you’ll need attention to detail to reproduce an authentic 90s look, so why not go all-out and style your hair and make-up in true retro fashion?
The decade was dominated by one iconic hairstyle – Jennifer Aniston’s legendary layered bob, as seen in early episodes of Friends - but colourful highlights and high ponytails were also popular, along with shimmery lip gloss and lashings of eyeliner. And of course, the height of fashion for men’s hair was the floppy fringe (also affectionately known as ‘curtains’) and an excess of hair gel.
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