Friday, July 13, 2012

Big leap: The 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival

For more than half a decade now, Backdoor Ventures had been diligently promoting the arts through a grand one-of-a-kind celebration that gathers thousands of artists of different disciplines and genres all under one roof.

A cultural banquet for the soul, the 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival will offer a wide variety of art immersion through workshops, film screening, clinics, cultural and musical performances, art and photography exhibits, laser light shows, arts and music trade fair, and a whole lot more.

This exciting journey to the world of arts begins as soon as you step inside the festival’s new home at the SMX Convention Center.

“So many words to say. I thought it would be easy to answer that question, but to generalize… We describe it as a three-day feast for the mind and senses. But to be precise, it’s a three day feast for the soul, it’s not really an event, a festival or an exhibit or a trade fair, it’s an Experience,” said Chief Event Organizer of Backdoor Ventures, Jay Viriña when asked on his thoughts about this year’s festival. “it’s an experience that will be remembered and anticipated by those who attend,’’ he furthered. 

It is a family oriented event where attendees, artists, as well as performers can bring their families on-site to celebrate and be educated through the festival.

A remarkable roster of acts from various disciplines will set the stage on fire with non-stop activities and performances from 10am to 11pm on July 13, 14, and 15 at Hall 3 of SMX Convention Center, Pasay, City.

For the past years, the Arts and Music Festival has been a solid ground for new breed of artists and performers, and it has been Backdoor Ventures advocacy to share their art and music to the public.

“For artists in general it’s a gathering with no boundaries or walls that separates them from each other. It’s a gathering where they feel oneness, the feeling of being a family. One community sharing the same passions, same advocacy, and speaking same language— that is art,” said Viriña.

 Disclaimer: Guest post submitted by Emer Dela Cruz

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