Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink Eye G&G BT

No, I didn't suffer from conjunctivitis. I literally mean I have pink eye because of my pink lens. :p Hehe. I have tried wearing pink lens before. Yah it's all cute. But the design would be the most important part of it. If the design is overly covering the color, it won't be noticeable anymore. Right? Honestly, I was a bit hesitant when I got this. WTF, where can you find a person with a pink eye?! ;p But hey, I need to try every color  and see what really suits me XP (ha! too addicted)

Oh, btw Shoppingholics sent this to me for a review so...THANK YOU SO MUCH! FYI this is an honest review!

So this is how the package look like. They wrote 6 pairs of lens on the packaging. I was like "WTF. Bingo!" But naaah, I only got 2 pairs. Boo. :/ Maybe they counted the lens cases too :/ 

Anyway, I thought the packaging is quite small for 6 pairs of lens.

But when I took it out from the bubble wrap, it is all cute and girly!

See, even the box is soo cute!

I should go back to my doctor and ask for an eye test again. I think my vision is getting worst. PFFFFT.

Ha! You can see how cute my lens case is?! But no, it didn't came from that company. It was all hand made by yours truly. hehehe :D
Shinny Pink (Puffy 3 tone Pink)
NO.: ECS000691
Shop price:USD25.90

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


I'm very much impressed with its 3 tone color. It didn't look weird on my natural eye. Not very pink. But just the right hint of pink that turned my boring dark eye color to a pink-ish tone. But if you want a very noticeable pink shade on your eye, this is not the right lens for you.
I got a bit irritated after 3-4 hours of wearing this. It dries very fast. Not like my other lenses that I can wear for more than 8 hours. (Which I think I shouldn't do. I'm guilty of that.) But If you want to use it for cosplay or other short time events, you can wear this. I do not recommend it wearing for more than 3 hours.
Like I always say, I love wearing lenses with big eye effect. It gives me a younger look. Or am I wrong?! Is it just me?! haha. Since I started wearing lenses with bigger diameter (16+) I fell in love with it. And was always excited to wear them than the natural ones! XD So this lens is really a must for big eye lens shoppers like me! XD
No complains whatsoever! :D The company replies really fast and answers inquiries and other concerns professionally. :)
Color: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Comfort: 3/5
Enlargement: 4/5
Shop Feedback: 5/5
OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5
I recommend this for persons who loves PINK (of-course). Definitely a must have! Also, for those who loves to do cosplays. Who knows? Maybe one time you need a pink lens?! XD

That's all for today! See you on my next post! :D

Oh, have your tried wearing pink lens?! Let me know in the comment box! :)

Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company. The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences. Please purchase at your own discretion.


  1. i love them ^^ though the comfort level seems to suck :( you have such lovely skin *A*

  2. somehow it still looks natural on you Kat, I wish I could pull off a natural look with pink lenses though <33

    1. The color didn't show up really well. :( But it still looks nice. I just can't resist the stingy feeling after 3 hours T_T

  3. Suits you well, Miss Kat! Although comfort seems to be a BOO. :/

    1. thank you! Yep. I feel like I'm being tortured when I'm at the mall :/ Made me go home early :(

  4. they look pretty on you, too bad about the comfort! how do you think they would look on very light gray eyes?

    1. I think the color will show more with light gray eyes. I have dark brown eyes so it look natural.

  5. You look so pretty! (^v~ )v KAWAII!!!

  6. don't you just love when arrive? *-* i always feel like a child opening presents (that i paid for but it's ok ahah xD ) Love * Monstros no Armário

  7. Ohmygosh your contacts case is sooo cute! Mine is just a plain boring one :D

    1. hihi, thank sis! you should try fun colors naman! :D

  8. you look great in them! it's reminds me of the lighter purple lenses with a hint of pink. :)

    1. aww. thank you dear! yep, it kinda turns purple-ish when worn with dark brown eyes :)

  9. the lenses look nice on you :) you look pretty

  10. You're so cute ♡ I've also been looking for nice pink lenses! & hey thanks a lot for your comment! =) Super nice blog you have^^ *instant follow*

  11. your blog is so cuteee!!!! you are so pretty and beautiful. Please visit my blog.

  12. They look so nice on you:)

  13. I love what you did with the lens cases! Please show us you did it! it's sooooo cute!!

    Kai Grafia

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