Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi everyone!! Here are the photos I posted on instagram. Well some of it. >.< I've been really lazy with reviews and tutorials. Overall, I've been too lazy for my blog. As what I ALWAYS do (and shouldn't do) I schedule my post. I write it a week before posting it. Like hyper blogging for a day then schedule the post twice of trice a week. I hope you get my point. So I've been really bad AGAIN. I'm reaaaallllyyyy sorry about that :/ I don't wanna make promises AGAIN. So all I can say is I will make sure that I will do everything to make blog posts twice a week! Even if I'm too sleepy and tired of everything (WTF, I'm totally exaggerating).

Okay back to my photo journal. First photo was taken waaaaaay back November. Ha! I cheated my likers on instagram :)) LOL no. The caption was like "I need one of this now na." So I think that doesn't count as a cheat :p

You've guessed it! It's an iphone case! Hot pink Hello Kitty pearls and rhinestones case. No, I don't own an iphone. (android user here) I just want to blinged it out and maybe sell or give it to someone. (everyone using an iphone!). Anyone here interested? I'm selling it for $8.99 excluding shipping fee (international). XD

Best spag I ever tasted! Homemade spag made by my mom. It's weird. Most Filipinos used to like sweet spag like Jollibee is serving. Blame it all to Jollibee! LOL. Whenever my cousin make Italian style spag, I can't eat as much as I can with the homemade Pinoy style spag.

I got two cute little boxes of baby souvenir from my boss's baby christening. You won't believe it. I thought it was a cupcake. Then it all turned out that it was polvoron! From what I've heard it costs P30.00 each.

New baby in the family! Meet Bubbles! My cousin's new poodle XD She's tooooo cute and lazy. Haha. All she do is to go under the chair and sleep. WTF. (sorry about "WTF", I'm trying to express myself exaggeratedly. Haha. I feel like it's more fun to write with real emotions. XD)

My FOTD when I attended my boss's event. The reception location is ssoooo cozy and nice. So sorry I can't show you any picture. Just because I forgot to take photo of the place. LOL. I discovered that this hairstyle is so cute with my hair color. I dunno if you can see it on the photo. But what I did is pull some of my hair from the side, twist it twice then clipped at the back. (waahh. I'm a loser when describing stuff)

Last photo for today. My new craft addiction! Flat-back pearls and rhinestones! I used it to bling out my cases and other gadgets like flash drive, phone cases that I showed you in this post and past photo journals. :D

That's all for today! So thankful that someone invented instagram!!! I don't have to remember everything. Haha. see you guys on my next post! :D


  1. Yum, I could totally go for a Frapp right now!!

  2. wow.. I miss having a cutee doggie like that.. luv it! :D

  3. Wow! Great Pic's...! Love it.

  4. what an adorable looking puppy! gahh and i want starbucks! xD

  5. wow that's a pretty Iphone case haha ^^, BTW can I ask where did you buy your rhinestones and flat-back pearls? ^^,

  6. Kat, gusto ko din ng Miss Kat V phone case :)) Ang nails ko, sabi mo gawin mo. Hahaha! <3

  7. Beautiful ..I love your blog...nice blogger...joined you here

  8. The dog is soooo adorable! Love it :)

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  9. Hey!
    What kind of glue do you use to stick your rhinestones on your iPhone case / other stuffs? And where do you usually buy the rhinestones and beads? :) Thanks!

    Dont forget to visit my site!

  10. Mariel PatrimonioJune 20, 2012 at 8:04 PM

    miss kat, saan nyo po nabili ung mga rhinestones? :3

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